Boeing 777 Private Jet

777 Boeing private jet

As a rule, a Boeing BA 777 Jetliner can accommodate over 300 passengers. Photographs: The interior of the luxurious Boeing 777 private jet from Crystal Cruises. Instead, Crystal Cruises is aiming to recreate the luxurious 30,000-foot cruising pleasure aboard two private Boeing aircraft intended to take the super-rich around the globe in first-class fashion. The first in the Crystal AirCruises family is a long-haul Boeing 777-200LR that would normally transport 300 people, but has been adapted to accommodate only 84 well-heeled visitors accompanied by crew and crew.

After the Crystal AirCruises Boeing 777 follows a Boeing 787, which becomes even more personal with only 52 people. By the end of 2017, both aircraft will fly on 14-, 21- and 28-day routes, which are estimated to start at around US$50,000 per passenger and exceed US$100,000 per passenger for longer trips.

On the All Incclusive routes the luxury jet land in approximately ten goals on different continents, among them several desired goals, to which the large airline companies either do not fly or do not provide Non-Stopervice.

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B777 The B777 is the biggest twin-jet commercial jet in the word and is generally known as the "Triple Seven". Its technology is more sophisticated than any other former Boeing aeroplane. Offering space for 301 to 451 occupants, the airplane has a cruising distance of 9,695 to 17,370 km, according to type.

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