London Private Hire Licence Application Form

Licence application for London Private Hire for private lessors

Subsequent post offices may accept new and renewal applications from private hire drivers. Renewal or modification of a private rental driving licence| Private rental driving licence

In order to apply for the renewal of a private commercial driving licence, you must file the following: If you wish to inform us of changes to your license, such as changes of addresses, sentences or penalties, please refer to our License Section. Please refer to our Taxis for information on the registration charges to be paid.

While we rely on other sources to provide us with information, we endeavor to investigate your application within 6 to 8 working days of receiving a full application.

German language requirements

In order to provide proof by e-mail, you can have your proof of qualifications scanned and sent to the TSF. Your e-mail adress to which you can contact us is We have asked you to add your private driving licence number to the e-mail inbox. In order to provide proof by mail, you can mail a copy of your proof of qualifications to the MFL.

We have asked you to add a sheet of your private driving licence number to the envelope. Mailing addresses for members of the Deutsche Lufthansa Group are as follows:

Application for a private loan vehicle operator

In order to use a private rental car (PHV), you must be in possession of a private rental driving licence granted by the Council. The licence does not allow the owner to operate a cab. In order to be eligible for a license, you must be considered "fit and proper" by us. Under the Rehabilitation of Offenders Act 1974 (Exceptions)(Amendment) Order 2002, we are permitted to take into consideration any conviction handed down against an individual or private car hire licence holders, whether or not they have been made.

Please confidentially call our License Agent on 01483 444371 if you would like to talk about the impact of a warning or judgement on your license application. You must have successfully completed the license application process: It'?s an authorized test. Since we demand that all new candidates give an opinion before being licensed, we have had this provided by the Blue Lamp Trust, AA DriveTech and Green Penny.

If you submit your application without the necessary documentation, it may be refused or postponed. When you renew your license, we should receive the filled out application, along with the above points, at least 15 business workingdays before your license is due to expire. You will be contacted as soon as your license plates are available for pick-up and then you must give back your old license plates.

As of December 9, 2015, we have upgraded our license policy[406.72KB] and now new riders must acquire a BTEC qualification in "The introduction to the role of the Professional Taxi and Private Hire Driver". We may be legally obligated to provide the appropriate government agencies from Time to Time with additional information about requests and approvals for the purpose of prosecution and combating tax evasion.

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