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Get a new RC aircraft with special sale prices! Find out more about our selection of Cessna aircraft for sale. The company specializes in the sale, acquisition and brokerage of piston, turboprop and business aircraft. THEY CAN RELY ON OUR PROFESSIONAL AND FAVOURABLE SERVICES!

Aircrafts Cessna for sale in Indianapolis, IN

Cessna is honoured to represent Cessna in our Midwest area. The sale of single-engine reciprocating airplanes through Cessna demonstrates our dedication to the level of service and dependability that our customers have come to rely on. Please do not hesitate to get in touch with us for more information about our new Cessna airplane sale.

Development of the world's most beloved singles powered airplane has reached a new high. Possess the latest Cessna Skyhawk and open your gate to heaven. More than 44,000 units have been produced, taking the operator's response everywhere and integrating it into the final versions of the most powerful reciprocating airplane ever made.

Ideal for the instructor, student and observer. Customize your Skyhawk to your needs with option headlights, stern seats and climate control. There' s a time when you change from a simple pilot's license to a pilot's one. Cessna Skylane has been meticulously engineered to make it simple for you to travel, ride and experience.

Sit on the leftside chair of a Cessna Skylane and you'll find deep-drawn ergonomic shaped leathers for optimum ride on the longest heights. Circumferential window and raised styling allow passenger and pilots to experience a scenic view of the countryside no matter what seating position they have.

Cessna Skylane also keeps every traveller conveniently recharged with a 12-volt mains socket for laptop computers and portable equipment for limitless work or gaming on longer journeys. Come and see diversity, come and see the Cessna Turbo Stationair. Turbo Stationair goes to the limit of what is possible and does not let you select between need and demand.

Offering a full range of heavy-duty supply services, this airplane extends your mission to take you with you almost anywhere, with gross and short-range capability and an option for floatfiguration. Turbo Stationair is designed to keep pace with your aspirations, whether it's a week-end activity or a big deal, and it does it all. Don't limit yourself to the airstrip - Turbo Stationair can effortlessly be set up for floating amphibiously, taking you to places where other planes can only throw shade.

Cessna TTx provides 235 knot - the quickest glider in its range - with the secure feeling of side stick controls that practical flyers like. The Cessna TTx incorporates TTx technologies and ergonomic design with a pilot-focused instrument panel to provide a strong yet convenient flying environment. G2000? Avionik, the most progressive flying platform in its entirety, gives you the order you need.

Featuring a lightweight, heavier full compound solid bodied and wings, the glider offers unprecedented rigidity, stiffness and endurance. With the Cessna DDx you can talk to the pilots whose preferences are to guide. As soon as your hands hit the side stick, you know that you are in charge of a completely different plane. DirectControl engineered to reconcile power and controll, makes the CessnaTTTx faster to respond.

This system combines the steering reaction more directly with the side stick, giving the Cessna TTx rider full and accurate steering of the manoeuvre and check-in of the plane and keeps you up to date at all moments. Like your hand, our real side stick rotates around a point of rotation for more naturally and intuitively manipulating the airplane.

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