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Über presented its concept aircraft "flying car" at its second annual Uber Elevate Summit, where prototypes for its fleet of air taxis are presented. About has shared more details about a flying car that could eventually transport you through the cities. What about a self-flying Uber?

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About unveiled drone-like "Flying Car" prototypes for the air taxiservice 2023

Über has introduced his latest "flying car" design, which is more like a huge drone than the helicopter-like design he created with NASA last year. Über presented the design for its electrical verticals launchers and landers (eVTOL) at its second yearly Elevate meeting in Los Angeles this weekend.

They will form the "world's first municipal carpooling air transport network", which Uber said will be fully functional by 2023. Last year's NASA developed an updated version of the original propeller, the new propeller is fitted with a range of drone-like parallel and piled propulsors. By using several small rotor blades instead of a large one, the all-electric airplane maintains that it has much calmer power than traditional choppers and is more effective.

About said that the idea was conceived with a "rider-first mentality" and is "pedestrian friendly" thanks to its high pitched fan blade that leaves enough room for the passenger to get in and out without ducking. About the new look is an updated of both the first look he created with NASA in November 2017 and the newer look he presented at the Consumer Electronics Show in January 2018.

Uber for the first time announcing its NASA partnering, the company communicated its plan to create a UberAIR squadron of deep flyers for the metropolitan area to be launched by 2020. Uber also heralded an open call for tenders for the choice of its first UberAIR starting point at the recent UberCampus.

Both Dallas and Los Angeles have already been heralded as the first two destinations, and now the company is looking for an overseas destination as its third destination - these three destinations will be the first to provide UeberAIRs. "We were excited about the great interest of the global audience, and we have now formalized a formal way in which interested towns and cities can work directly with Uber to express their opinions on how ÜberAIR can have a positive effect on their markets and how they can help introduce and scale the service," said Jeff Holden, Uber CPO.

However, we will not exactly make this one. Instead, the prototypes will be used as a benchmark for the company's production partner companies, such as Bell Helicopters, to use in the development of their own aircraft. "As part of our relationship, Bell and other companies will create UberAIR vehicle networks that match our needs.

" At the beginning of January this year, Bell presented its cab designs for the aerial cab at the Consumer Electronics Show, which presented a slim, future-oriented shape with small lugs at both ends of the bodies. Using a variety of connection technology, such as WLAN, artificial intelligence, VCR and cordless loading, the car was described by its makers as a mixture of a conventional chopper, lightweight airplane and drone.

Uber-App is welcomed to the on-demand cab services for electrical airplanes to substitute air transport for automobiles and thus provide faster and greener air transport in heavily congested city areas. While initially controlled by man, it will ultimately operate independently at an altitude of 300-600 meters (1,000 to 2,000 feet).

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