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International Flight Training

The FTI offers advanced commercial flight training for pilots seeking ATP and Airbus/Boeing type ratings. International San Diego Flight Training. Vocational training for professional pilots and private pilots. ATI' s International Flight Operations Training is developed by pilots, taught by pilots and taught from the pilot's point of view.

Boeing Airbus Type Ratings & ATP

Some of our Type Rating classes can be taken in as little as eight business day! Obtain first-class training and guidance for your new career: all our training is taught by experienced and retirees commercial drivers of the big drivers, and all our training takes place in first-class, state-of-the-art flight simulation equipment!

The course complies with the Airline Transport Pilot Certification Training Program prescribed by the FAA, which is necessary before taking the ATP examination; FTI contains the ATP course described with our course! With the ATP Ratings course you will be able to obtain an unlimited FAA ATP while training in the plane you wish to pilot in the major subjects!

Our packages combine an ATP credit assessment with one of our Boeing or Airbus type credit assessments. The ATP CTP course and the ATP write examination are combined with an ATP credit assessment in this bundle. ATP-CTP course and ATP with an ATP credit assessment, followed by one of our Boeing or Airbus type credit assessments!

The most important training center of Flight Training International is situated in Denver, Colorado, at the bottom of the Rocky Mountains. The 5,280 feet altitude of Denver gave rise to the infamous epithet "Mile-High City". "Denver has many outskirts, but the town itself is full of excitement and attraction, such as the huge Coors Brauerei and the fabulous 19 century restaurant and listed building on Larimer Square, Denver's oldest monolith.

Adventure nights can be chilly, even in the summers, so make sure you take some shifts with you! It' home to the famed "City within the City", known as South Beach. The climate in Miami is moderate in the wintry season, reaching 70-75°C on average, but in the latter part of the year, in early springs and summers, it gets quite warm and damp, with temperature often rising into the high 80s and low 90s.

Dallas is a cheeky, classy and lively town. Dallas was established in 1841 and is the third biggest town in Texas and the biggest metro region of the state. The Dallas also boasts a variety of typical US activity, from first-class arts district to west run. It' s also a shoppers' paradise, with more malls per head than any other US town.

There is a great difference in the temperature during the summers and winters. In combination with Texas air moisture, these can be humid month, so packing accordingly. At Flight Training International we provide a variety of training programs to suit your needs. We have everything you need to be up-to-date for those who need regular training or re-qualification on the A-320, A-330, B-737, B-757/67, B-747 or B-777!

You need a sample warrant? FTI will not let you exceed the level of training you receive from FTI! Please click here for more information about the model designations! What makes you think you should select FTI for your training needs? At FTI, we look forward to meeting your training needs in the excellent, proffesional way you deserve! Your training needs will be met in the way you like!

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