Fixed Price Airport Taxi

Airport taxi at a fixed price

Dublin Airport Taxis are available with transfers to and from Dublin Airport. The full Meet and Greet service is included in your fixed rate. In addition, taxis can no longer charge extra for luggage or pets, although a fifth passenger charges a fee of four euros. The reservation is also fixed: four euros for an immediate booking and seven euros for an advance booking. The official taxi fare Rome, Fiumicino, Ciampino;

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Cabin price to the airport - Oslo Forum

On the tourists page of Oslo I see that there is a fixed price for taxis that go from Zentral-Oslo to the (international) airport. Notice that the price is likely to go up by the amount of money we will get there next April, but can anyone tell me what the rough price is now?

There was a critique where the critic noted the price at 400Kr, but I don't know how old that was. Thanks! looking through the website for "norges taxi", which has an airport taxi and according to our experiences is one of the "cheapest" taxi services (Oslo taxi is also a good choice), they say that the fixed price from the main train terminal to the airport is currently 670,- Norwegian kroner for 1-4 people and 940,- Norwegian kroner for more than 5 people.

Perhaps the airport shuttle is a better option, it will cost about 180,- NOK, look here: will safe you lot of money : ) I always take that, a taxi is too expensive aaaay. I' m in a handicapped person, so handling the seat and baggage in a coach or tram is a challenging task.

I' ll certainly look into the platoon - but I could still land in the driver's cabin. If you are in a handicapped person, the best choice is the lift, you have plenty of room for your baggage and chairs, and it only lasts 20 minutes in the city centre. I have to try the pull when I' m there, see how near a stop is to my motel, and then make a choice.

We' ll spend the night at Bondeheimen in town. I' ve been informed that the platoon is "a few blocks" away...which, if that's the case, won't work, since I'm 62 and in a hand seat (so I can't transport more than one piece of hand luggage), and my man, 68, who deals with at least one bigger case.

well, Jegerhaavard, the coach has different charges depending on what place you get at where I get on the bill is 180,- NOK and thats in the middle of ├ůslo... i appreciate that the different coaching agencies also do operate with different taxes... but nor-way busekspress has that price. Maybe you are looking for one of the more roomy cabs, estate cars or minivans.

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