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Find out why you should learn more about the prices and costs associated with private jet charter. Initially though, chances are you won't be flying a private jet in or out of any of these airports; more likely Biggin Hill and Teterboro.

Take a plane for the price of commercial and other hot travel tips.

Who needs a hotel in Cuba? Cuba has been hit by a crisis triggered by a wave of US tourists: "Infrastructures can't keep pace with actual demands, let alone what's coming," said David Lee, proprietor of Cultural Cuba. Carnival's new Fathom carnival label will send a 704-passenger vessel to Havana next March - the first cruiser to sailed from the U.S. to Cuba in 50 years, the firm said (starting at about $1,800 per capita for a one-week trip,

Last weekend, the French-based Ponant proclaimed that her 64-strong luxurious boat would start regular sailings from the Cuban shore in January 2017 (starting at US$8,190 per capita for an eight-night trip,, which includes a flight from Miami to Cuba).

There is a large selection of fighter jets to suit every taste and budget.

There is a large selection of combat jet flights to suit every taste and budget. Major difference between jet aircraft are sizes, speeds and resulting cost. What all our fighters have in common is that they are piloted by select experienced pilot who have tens of thousand flying lessons on their account.

Certifi ed engineers maintain all aircraft in accordance with legal requirements. What military jet suits you best? Our customers' most favourite option is the L-39 Albatros. Because of its amazing value and relatively low running costs, we are constantly extending our L-39 aircraft fleet to provide you with a jet ride at a nearby destination.

When you want to make a reservation for a transonic aircraft, you can make a reservation for a MiG-29 aircraft in Russia. At present, Russia is the only place in the globe where a civilian can fly a genuine combat aircraft at ultrasound speeds. But since these are much more costly than L-39 jets, we recommend that you make an L-39 booking first so you can see what it is like to fly a L-39 jet.

Booking your flights now! Legends and backbones of many Luftwaffe forces - fly with the MiG-29, the only aerodynamic MiG-29 that can be used in a combat plane. The Hawker Hunter's versatile design has made it a popular choice for surface attacks and aerial observation operations.

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