Taxi Helsinki Price

Helsinki Taxi Price

There are three ways to get to Helsinki from the airport: by train, bus or taxi (transfer). The price list for airport taxis can be found here. Can I take a taxi in the evening and on weekends? You can download Helsinki Airport's mobile application to access real-time flight schedules and notifications, airport map, advance reservation and prices. Operates taxis and shuttle vans throughout the city.


Effective from 1.7.2018. Applicable to orders from Lähitaksi (telephone or app). If not, please ask the chauffeur in beforehand for the price of the trip. Our rates are inclusive of 10% value added tax. Lähitaksi vehicles are accepting Visa Electron, Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners Club and Eurocard as well as Visa and Visa Express.

Lähitaksi vehicles also accepted Lähitaksiraha. The price lists for taxi services can be found here.

Helsinki Taxi has begun to offer fixed-price journeys.

Kauppalehti reports that Taxi Helsinki, the biggest taxi operator in Finland and leading on the Helsinki taxi rental business, has launched a lump -sum tax. In order to receive a predetermined price, passengers must use the Taxi Helsinki application. "It offers the client a pre-certified price at the moment of ordering, and the price can vary from e.g. daily to take into consideration seasonality, peaks and public holiday, so the client knows the price before boarding the taxi," said Taxi Helsinki CEO Jari Kantonen.

Helsinki Taxi launched these fixed-price tours on 4 April. They have already been ordered over a thousand orders via the application, according to the information provided by the group. "Besides the flat price, the so-called conventional method of generating the fare from the real travel period and duration is still available," says Kantonen.

Helsinki Taxi began to offer firm taxi rates for apprentice tours.

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The Helsinki area has an end-to-end ticketing system for local and regional passenger transportation. You can use the same type of passes to travel by bus, tram, metro, local train and boat to Suomenlinna Fortress. It is also possible to switch from one car to another with the same fare. Your daily travel pass is your gateway to the Helsinki area.

Available on individual fares, our fares allow you to spend 1-7 nights travelling comfortably and cheaply. Individual fares are available from vending terminals, coach and streetcar operators and conductor on local services. It is also possible to buy individual seats with the portable use. Taxis are available throughout the entire downtown area. phone.

There is a discount from the aerodrome to the center of town.

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