Private Jumbo Jet Cost

Jumbo Jet Private Costs

How much does it cost to fly in the lap of luxury? What's in those ingenious private jumbo planes? Boeing 787s and Airbus A350s can travel non-stop between almost any two major city in the globe. Jumbo aircraft are equipped as private aircraft in the rare rich skies. They' re costing $300 million or more.

Kestrel Aviation Management is to deliver a Boeing 787 equipped for this purpose.....

Here's what a $600 million private jumbo jet looks like (photos)

It was said that buying currency can't buy luck, but having a ton of additional currency at your disposition can buy you a rather cute private jet. I' m not talking about you now, but to fly somewhere without having to get in the carriage between two foreigners seems like luck to me.

Whilst approaching even the smallest private jet looks as if it would be quite fantastic, an anonym Jetsetter took the importance of stylish travel to a whole new plane by customising a private Jumbo jet. That' s right, a Boeing 747, which normally transports about 450 people, has just been rebuilt into an impressive private plane.

Greenpoint Technologies individually designed the aircraft's interiors, which include a full range of amenities: hospitality, dinning room, main and spare rooms, offices and multiple lounge areas. Additionally to some serious legroom, the inside of this tough aircraft also has a number of sumptuous functions that any sensible jet-setting billiardaire would need when crossing the sky.

How much does it cost to travel in the bosom of deluxe? Though the total cost of this tailor-made jet has not yet been published, the estimate for this crazy aircraft is somewhere around the $600 million dollar limit. Once you have flown around in this fantastic jet, you will never again be able to travel with a commercially owned carrier.

Enjoy the $600 million private Boeing 747. All about this private plane radiates a sense of grandeur. Multi-bedroom, living room, offices, restaurants and dinning rooms...this custom jumbo jet has everything you need to take off in the womb of luxurious flying.

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