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The Uganda Airlines signed a contract for the purchase of 4 aircraft from the Bombardier fleet, two Airbus aircraft and two other aircraft.

This transaction is part of Uganda's efforts to revitalize its late National Airline. On the basis of the CRJ900 aircraft's listed cost, the fixed order amounts to approximately 190 million US dollars (approximately 700 billion Shs). Uganda has also ordered two Airbuses from Rolls-Royce in a corresponding order. "The Trent 7000, the latest addition to the highly acclaimed Rolls-Royce Trent power plant line and the sole propulsion system for the Airbus A330neo, drove the Airbus Airbus Airbus 30neo at its first Farnborough International Airshow performance this week," the declaration states.

The Uganda Airlines plan to use the A330-800neos to develop its long range global route fleet, providing state-of-the-art technology and highly effective operation. Mr Bagenda is cited as saying, "We look forward to starting operation and providing the best possible customer support.

Philadelphia American Airlines flight to Philadelphia receives CDC med briefing

On Thursday, a dozen American Airlines pilots on two European to Philadelphia routes told the airline about flu-like signs upon arriving and prompted officers to inform the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and other agencies. In a declaration, the Flight said that a total of 250 American Flight 755 from Paris and Flight 717 from Munich were detained "as a precaution" for the purpose of examination.

Benjamin Haynes, CDC spokesperson, said CDC and Philadelphia civil servants worked with EMS, customs and border guards to assess sick travellers for flu and other airway diseases. 12 from the two flight reports said Haynes was suffering from neck pain and coughing, but not temperature.

"Neither of the travelers is seriously ill, and they will be freed within 24 hrs and notified of the test results," the email said. "Passangers of the two non-ill flight continues their itineraries. The American Airlines spokesperson Leslie Scott said the problem came after the airline passenger left the aircraft and went to check.

Airbus A330s used for the services were not placed in quarantine, she said. An incident occurred one and a half days after a passenger became ill on an Emirates plane from Dubai to John F. Kennedy International Airport in New York.

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