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This last-minute Spring Break Travel deals are great if you have forgotten to book. but I often get things done at the last second. I am a serial prokrastinator from my party plan to my weekly plans to my food plans...

. don't tell any of my high schools teacher that I actually admit that. Here are some short term holidays that are great and will not completely undermine your purse if your scheduling schedule is something like mine and you were hesitant to plan your eagerly awaited trip to springs.

Doing things at the last second is almost always possible (if you're an experienced laggard like me), but it's not always convenient. When organising travel itineraries, trying to make a little too near to the holidays themselves can lead to higher fares. Even the later bookings can lead to fewer choices, as the early holidays are a favourite travel season.

However, for all of my travel companions who have a little difficulty with timing abilities (again words from my high schools teachers), we've asked some of KAYAK's travel pros to let us know about possible last-minute offers that will make for a great holiday when you leave towards the end of March.

In 2017, the severe 2017 cyclone seasons led to a decrease in trips per KAYAK to the Caribbean Isles. Due to the significant decrease in tourist traffic, however, island destinations such as St. Thomas, San Juan and Christian are considered to be much less overcrowded, with much lower cost air travel than before. When you plan to fly to St. Thomas or Turks and Caicos, you will probably be able to get tickets for under $500 round trips, which is a fairly reasonable rate in comparison to last year, says KAYAK.

While Orlando, Miami and Fort Lauderdale are always favorite Florida travel spots during Florida's early holidays, KAYAK proposes that last-minute travellers consider traveling to Key West. Air fares are currently 13 per cent lower than in the previous year, and with immediate effect the sightseeing tours are currently below 500 US dollars. When you act fast, some even breach below $400.

Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. As Hawaii is about to become a super favorite travel spot (because it's obviously damn good), extra air lanes from the US continent to Hawaii have been added this year, according to KAYAK. Extra travel makes travel to Honolulu much more accessible, and travellers can now book sightseeing Honolulu for less than $900.

Guadalajara is one of the cheapest travel spots in March according to KAYAK. Although you'll be able to book a super-last minute, New York City currently offers between $400 and $600 only. Per KAYAK, flying to New Orleans, Louisiana, fell 11% this year.

Whilst the reasons are a bit vague, the average return fare is $296, and you can even earn some points for under $250 if you act fast. Although last minute scheduling of your holiday can often be costly, there are so many funny, inexpensive excursions that can be made now.

Make sure you get started as soon as possible, because your vacation is just around the corner.

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