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Electronic flight instrument G5 for certified aircraft

G5 offers outstanding power, dependability and easy deployment as a drop-in substitute for prime position and/or direction rotors in type-certified solid airplanes. G5 can also be used as a stand-by flying device for selected planes fitted with either SG500 or SG500Xi. With an economic upgraded via a full AML, the G5 brings a state-of-the-art state-of-the-art GL link to hundreds of thousand airplanes that would otherwise be dependent on older vaccum -powered devices.

The 3. 5" G5 screen is developed for FAR Part 23 FAR Part 23 Class 1 and 2 airplanes (single and twin airplanes of less than 6,000 lbs) and accommodates a 3-1/8 " round cut off that takes up only a small portion of the room and mass previously needed by traditional gyro-based instrumentation. G5's combination of visually and visually information, once distributed across a variety of instrumentation, makes it easy to capture information from flights, enabling the pilot to react more quickly and instinctively to any on-board condition.

If G5 is set as the position indication, it uses the solids AHRS to deliver flat, uniform, and dependable horizon-based tilt and rolling indicators. The G5 also supports airspeed, elevation, vertical velocity, slip/slip, rotation velocity, customizable V-Speed benchmarks, beam and elevation settings, as well as warning messages when reaching a preset elevation.

In addition, a special control button on the device allows simple adjustment to height errors and atmospheric pressures. In order to create even more situations consciousness, G5 is also certified for mounting as a substitute course indicator/directional top (HI or DG) or level position indication (HSI) in your panell. Combined with a low-cost GMU 11 Magmeter, GAD 29 Navigational Information Port and selected VHF Nav/Comms or Global Positioning System (GPS) Navigator, G5 can be used as a prime resource for magnet head, VOR/LOC and/or Global Positioning System (GPS) course orientation - as well as range and ground speed information.

If available, the device will display both perpendicular and perpendicular GPS/VOR/LOC course deviations. You can also use the G5 instrument's dial to make and customize course choices with ease - or to set DG installation headed bugs. In addition, for additional system integrations, a standalone magmeter can deliver course information to 2 G5 devices at the same time.

In addition, G5 can deliver course edition to choose third-party autopilot (with GAD 29B). The GFC 500 provides sleek ride controls and sophisticated security features at a cost-effective pricing previously not available on certificated lightweight rigid airplane after market products. Built on our groundbreaking GFC 700, which has been deployed in tens of millions of new airplanes, GFC 500 provides improved stability and security, over and under speed protections and a special GFC key.

Part of the GFC 500 system, the G5 provides the entry and indication of setting preselection, course bow, velocity bow, airspeed destination and air traffic controllers instruction bar, while a special GMC 507 auto-pilot controls unit provides large, dedicated buttons, pan and steering wheels for modes, altitudes, course and verticals.

The installation of two G5 panels in your control panels gives you not only devoted instrumentation for orientation and directivity gyro/HSI control, but also the benefits of back-up redundancy with two ADAHRS and the ability to reverse-indicate. Such an installation allows a G5 to return to show location information (consolidated with quote) in the unlikely case of a loss of location of the prime location information.

Each G5 is available with a back-up lithium-ion rechargeable back-up charge for additional "Get Home" security that can last up to 4 hour of standby in the event of a power failure or plane power down. Featuring the Additional Certificate of Airworthiness (STC) provided as part of an AML for certified GA model range, a G5 Upgrades for your flight deck provides peak performance and value for minimum down-time, red tape and cost.

Choose from a range of permitted install configuration with either mono or double G5 display.

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