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You can compare prices and book directly today without any fees or additional costs. A ticket is not issued until the airline receives payment and is linked to the reservation that enables the passenger to travel. What should I do to book my flight in time?

One of the most thrilling things about the beginning of the year for air travelers like us is that you can begin looking at a full 365-day record of your flights. By 2012, our server had assembled a massive 560,611,868 fares retrieval logs, and we spend the first weekend of 2013 searching these logs to find answers to the most common questions: How long in advanced should I book my air?

It'?s 49 of them. Seven of them. We have to make them qualified by saying "average." Naturally, there are a million reservations, and all of this is backed by annual data averaging over 11,000 pure national marketplaces. Best buy times may differ for each trip according to availability, season, day of the year and other considerations (see below).

However, if you're looking for a quick response and a single number, 7 is the best week we've got, from the 560 million queries we've made. No wonder, as you can see from the following chart, the worse time to buy a ticket was the previous morning, and 2 nights in advance was the second worse, 3 nights in advance the third worse, etc. until you're on your way to 11 of them.

The next hardest buy was actually a 208, 209, and 210 week deadlock - that's the largest part we did with this one. Simply the fact is that the way to get the lowest fare in the last year was in most cases to buy your ticket really later or very early.

When you look at the trendline, which starts after 7 month, you will see that tariffs have begun high and have dropped continuously the nearer you got to a date of travel and bottomed at about 7 week in front. - The 7-week period in anticipation was solely on the basis of inland ticket price information.

It was still not good to buy too early or too late to buy tickets for overseas travel, but the spot was about 11-12 week in front. This was the lowest point of 81 consecutive trading sessions. Thanksgiving 2012, for example, was on a daily basis 96 trading evenings prior to a plane ride.

That' almost 14 week in front. As you delve further into the information, you will see many differences between travel to travel and travel to it. Although on four days in the morning the best booking date was 7 week in the morning, we found many combination of start, finish, departure date and date of delivery where the best tariff was actually found one working days before the date of the booking (like L.A. to Tokyo on 3 October, back on 10 October).

A number of instances were also found where the best booking date was the date the flights were for purchase 331 trading days in advanced. A self-proclaimed computer freak, Jeff Klee, entrepreneur and chief executive officer, created and marketed his first videogame at the tender age of 13: During his studies, when he was preparing a rucksack tour of Europe with a students' fund, he and a friend were given a collapse course in the subtleties of flying and later chose to use their expertise to help others cut airfare costs.

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