Best Business Jets 2016

The Best Business Jets 2016

Bill Gates has one of the best luxury private jets in the world, a Bombardier BD-700 Global Express, at his disposal for his travels. Top 10 Best Business Jets Every second matters for business people who charter personal jets around the globe. This $25 million transaction can go through your lap if you can't go to Tokyo to sign the contract in the morning. If there is enough cash in your pocket, you need to find the best business jets to get you where you need to be.

Have a look at the top 10 business jets below to find the ideal plane for your travelling needs. Which are the most important criteria when it comes to picking the best jets? Quality such as engine power, running costs, benefits, convenience and luxuries are some of the key characteristics that managers consider when considering a business jetshare.

Cesna, Gulfstream, Falcon, Learjet, Boeing and Hawker all compete for a supreme personal jets adventure. So which are the best business jets with all the possibilities and avenues? Offering power, convenience and fuel economy in its own right, this large-cabin executive jets is the only one in its category.

Dassault's Falcon 900 also offers greater reach and efficiencies, achieving a 4,750 nm (8,800 km) reach with lower mileage. Gulfstream 550 offers the largest propulsion of any jets in its category with the performance of two Rolls-Royce thrusters. Ample stateroom for up to 18 guests and up to 12 non-stop flight times without refueling.

Gulfstream 550 is one of the best privately owned jets for middle range group trips. Bombardier Global 600 redefines the standard for luxury with a luxury cab that offers one of the best on-board experience in its category. Featuring a state-of-the-art 3-zone cab, 3 quarter cab and a large dashboard, no detail has been missed in this plane, making it one of the top 10 business jets.

Enjoy the quiet shrine of its rear cabin at first sight as you take off in this beautiful plane. Capable of operating from smaller aerodromes while providing the convenience and convenience of a medium-sized jets, the Cessna Citation XLS has made it one of the best-selling business jets of all time.

The Citation XLS would not be a full complement to our top 10 business jets without it. Inside the stateroom there is enough space for up to 9 guests and is equipped with conveniences generally reserved for large privately owned jets. The Cessna Citation XLS is the best business aircraft for short journeys across the country with a cruising distance of over 2,000 mile.

Hawker 400XP is one of the best privately owned jets often chartered for small to medium business use. Driven by two Pratt & Whitney JT15D-5R thrusters, it achieves a top cruising performance of 450 kts (518 mph) and is regarded as one of the lightest business jets in its category.

Embraer Legacy 500's state-of-the-art engine makes it one of the best personal jets you'll find. It'?s the personal plane of the world. Legacy 500 is the first plane in its category to switch traditional control systems to electronic technologies. With one of the biggest staterooms in its category, space for up to 12 people, and four sets of opposite armchairs that can be converted into completely shallow berths, this plane is the perfect choice for a wide range of people.

Gulfstream 650 is the ideal blend of velocity and elegance coupled with styling and comforts. One of the best privately owned jets, this plane can carry up to eight people and has a cruising distance of 7,000 mph. They can fly from New York to Tokyo almost an hours quicker than other wide-body planes in their category.

Dassault Falcon 2000LXS's generously proportioned footprint and luxury level of luxury ensure comfortable travel on up to 4,000 sea-miles of air. One of the most beloved and successfull hawks to adorn the sky, this ultra-cost efficient and rugged personal aircraft is a great choice. Although it has a large, roomy cab, it has the possibility to reach shorter and more demanding take-off and landing strips as well as smaller airfields around the world, making it one of the top 10 business jets.

Featuring brand-new engine designs, the Challenger 350 is one of the best privately owned jets to carry eight people at a range of 3,200 mph. Sovereign is a trans-continental business aircraft with the ability to carry up to 12 passenger over 3,200 mile.

One of the best privately owned jets, the Sovereign is equipped with the latest conveniences, functions and technologies. Industry leader quick start, unbelievable power, cutting-edge cab interior and improved technologies meet the reputation of the today's business traveller. With luxurious privately-owned aircraft capable of reaching dozens of destinations, our experienced charters offices link you to the best local flyers.

Advantages of discontinuing Privatjet Charterservice includes health transportation option, freight awareness and above all timesensitivity. Are you interested in cheaper ways to get the best business jets for your journey? Privately operated empty haul services provide an outstanding option to one-way business travel at a reduced price!

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