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Connecticut transportation services for students, wheelchair users, doctors, livery, taxis, rental cars. The ACE TAXI is there for you! Connectticut Taxi Service - Ace Transportation, LLC Our school offers a large number of transport options for students, even for people with handicaps. Our range includes wheelchair-accessible transporters and health transporters. It is a full transport operator offering 24 hour a-day, 7 working week transports to Hartford, Tolland and Windham.

Let us take you where you need to be on schedule, every single one.

We are a full-service transport operator, offering 24 hour a day, 7 working hours a week transport to Hartford, Tolland and Windham County and all main northeastern destinations. Let us take you where you need to be on schedule, every single one.


Can I say that there is no other taxi company in the area comparable to our client services because there is nothing we would not do to meet our clients and their needs. The ACE TAXI is there for you! Our clients can always be sure that they will receive a reliable, fast, sincere and personalized transport solution for all their transport needs.

It is our aim to make your experiences with our services as stress-free as possible, because we know that our lives are sufficient to keep us under pressure. There' s no compare with the quality of services we offer our clients, so ACE TAXI is your best choice in the city. ACE TAXI is prepared to take you wherever you want to go.

The taxi service is ideal for return journeys to companies and homes in Rohnert Park, Cotati and Petaluma, CA. All our cabs are dependable, tidy and secure and we are proud to put only the type of vehicle we want to drive on the roads. Our taxi service allows you to call in advance to arrange a pick-up appointment that is tailored to your needs.

Give ACE TAXI a call and let us drive! If you can travel with us and make savings, why should you stop at the airports? At ACE TAXI we offer polite, experienced taxi services to SFO, OAK and Santa Rosa. If you decide to come with us to take you to the airports, you can just unwind and don't need to be worried about the transport or getting to the terminals on schedule.

Additionally to our airports pick-ups we provide SFO, OAK and Santa Rosa airports pick-ups. No matter if you need a drive to your front doorstep or to your own accommodation, we wait when your plane arrives and save you the effort and expense of calling a taxi. Bringing your children to and from class isn't always simple, especially if you're working yourself or often have problems with your automobile.

If you simply can't find out how to get your kids there on schedule or return to collect them from your local schools, ACE TAXI is there for you. Our taxi service offers expert pick-up and drop-off service in our secure and dependable cabs. Remain independant and secure with our seniors transportation service.

Our seniors' service is only available for those over the age of 60 and is intended to help elderly persons in the Santa Rosa region get everywhere. Our fleet consists of dependable, easily accessible trucks and all our staff are thoroughly trained, secure chauffeurs. When you or your parents need help getting from point A to point B, call ACE TAXI to find out more about our advanced level service.

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