Get a Taxi Online

Fetch a taxi online

Reserve a taxi and watch its arrival - in real time and on the map. You can also request a push notification when your driver arrives at your door. We' re building the transport network of tomorrow.

Arrival Alive

Reserve a taxi and observe its arrival - in full view and in full view of the city. You can also ask for a pushed message when your chauffeur reaches your doorstep. Reserve your taxi for the desired date and the desired hour - up to four working days in advanced. Booking a taxi according to your wishes.

Just like one with your normal rider. Maybe a taxi. Or a taxi. You can also choose one of our best - a 5-star taxi. You can also choose to have your travel paid by PayPal or Paycard and use the application to make your travel payments. Store your Miles & More number in the application and collect one miles for every dollar you spend using the application.

You can even earn two mileage bonuses when you store a unique Visa and Visa number for your use. The easiest way to get your taxi bill is to email us your voucher every single day you choose to purchase your taxi with the application. When you have liked the trip, just store the name of your rider as the main rider.

If you wish, we can put your rider at the top of the ranking the next times you make a booking. "Five-star taxi." Your employees can take advantage of the comfort of taxi rides without having to make a payment, and once a month get a bill for all their rides.

Building tomorrow's transport network.

Imagine a new kind of metropolitan transport and build the transport networks of the future. Reorientation of urbane transport. How does it mean to imagine urbane transport anew? Starting with our own platforms - a powerful base that links every facet of local driving. With the Curb mobility technology platforms, we provide a home for our portable apps, pay -as-you-go, paratransport, corporate and promotional products that reach million of passengers and travelers across the country.

Briefly, we create the basis for a scaleable, effective, intelligent, open transport system of the world. The Curb is the number one taxi application in the U.S. that provides you with quick, comfortable, and secure travel through the U.S. Curb for iPhone or Android to book and purchase trips with the touch of a key.

The Curb for Business solution offers a central instrument for effective employees' trip planning. It''s a versatile application that allows you to define trip policies and budget and make it easier for your employees to make bookings with an application. The Curb Concierge is a versatile booking system that allows you to reserve guest or guest cabs from any computer, tray, smart phone or newsstand.

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