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ÜberBLACK vs. UberX: Functionally UberBLACK is very similar to the basic car workshop (UberX) - but it is a big step up in luxury and exclusivity. Luxury vehicles offer a safe and comfortable journey.

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ÜberBLACK is the premier Uber petrol station for cars in full colour. ÜberBLACK vs. UberX: UberBACK is very similar to the UberX base garage in functional respect - but it is a big leap forward in luxury and exclusiveness. ÜberBLACK offers Uber clients easy and affordable entry to high-end personal vehicle rental solutions at a fraction your costs.

When you order a Uber BLACK vehicle, you are assured a limousine or vehicle driven by a professional limousine or vehicle driven by a professional limousine operator. Clients will be collected in new, luxurious limousines or luxury cars (from 2008 or newer). Ueber coach drivers have to wear professional clothes (mostly in uniforms or official suit - similar to what you would want from a high-end personal driver).

ÜberBLACK is a luxury facility - the outside and inside of all automobiles MUST be dark (including a dark brown hide interior). UberBLACK - How does it work? By requesting an Uber Auto via the Uber App (installed on either an Android or iPhone smartphone), you will be tuned directly to an UberBLACK device in your area.

After confirming your vehicle enquiry, you will get the name of your chauffeur, his photo, his telephone number and the type of his vehicle. The vehicle operator in turn gets your information - name and phone number as well as your whereabouts. You can see in live mode (via the Uber app) how the rider is approaching your area.

Your rider will always appreciate your advice on how to get there. Who' re the chauffeurs? ÜberBLACK riders are sometimes self-employed or otherwise driving as staff of an affiliated ÜberBLACK party. If you want to become a member of ÜberBLACK (either as a chauffeur or as a partner), you should have all necessary approval documents for state and municipal limousines, as well as all necessary business insurances.

When you order an UberBLACK vehicle, you can usually be expected to have it collected in a high-end saloon (or SUV). UberBLACK rate is slightly different from UberX or the other UberX rate is. Considering that it is a premier vehicle servicing company that wants to substitute the conventional personal vehicle servicing, BRACK takes up a specific segment of the transport sector in a luxurious manner and thus has a higher price system.

A UberBLACK trip in New York City, for example, has a price of at least $15.00, a basic price of $7.00, a price per minutes of $1.00 and a charge of $4.55 per miles. A higher charge will also apply than for a normal UberX trip: $10.00. When you are interested in obtaining an UberBLACK (or Lyft) estimation, it is possible to get a general overview via an on-line estimator.

Put in simple terms, there are almost fixed tariffs for Uber's universal service, but much more restricted (albeit lucrative) tariffs for UberBLACKers. So what does this mean for would-be riders? "Would you be better off driving UberBLACK or UberX? UberX riders show a mixture of effectiveness, good communicative ability and relaxed kindness as well as the willingness to undertake a large number of journeys.

ÜberX clients are generally more laid-back and laid-back - most passengers are basically looking for a simple, inexpensive journey between two location. BLACK is a high-end vehicle, so you have to look at more detail than you would if you were riding for a base vehicle such as SUPERX.

ÜberBLACK riders must be very responsive and take care of a customer's needs as if they were riding for a V.I.P. passenger. If you consider yourself a "service-oriented" pro (e.g. like to get out of the car, open your car door on a regular basis, fill your car with mineral oil, etc.), then the BLACK could be a good one.

A few advantages that come from using the Premier Carpool Services are among others: Greater immediate earnings than UberX. At the end - many Uber riders actually decide for both - ride for UberBLACK as a normal task and then work as UberX riders to close the breach. Register to travel with Uber or Lyft and receive a free money reward!

You can get your first free trip by registering for Uber or Lyft!

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