East Coast Air Charter

East-coast air charter

East-Coast Air Charter, Inc. provides air charter management services for the unscheduled passenger and cargo charter markets. East-Coast Air Charter, Inc. is a wealthless logistics company specializing in the accelerated brokerage of charter flights. On-demand air charter and air charter service for the US and international markets.

Passenger and cargo air charter.

Meanwhile, XPO Logistics acquired East Coast Air Charter Inc.

XPO Logistic, a leading global transportation company, today announces that it has taken over the operations of Statesville, North Carolina, East Coast Air Charter Inc. ECAC, a non-high net worth conglomerate of 3PLs focusing on the accelerated brokering of charter flights. Purchase of the operational property of Turbo Logistic Inc.

OHL's cargo business for $50 million last October; - the takeover in May of Continental Freight Solutions, a non-monetary company specializing in HGV broking solutions headquartered in Columbia, S.C.; - the takeover in August of 33PL Kelron Logistics, Canada. XPO officers said the deal will extend XPO's accelerated transport, brokering and shipping capabilities.

Speaking to LM, XPO Logistics Chairman and CEO Brad Jacobs said it is very good to bring ECAC to the fore with XPO's Express 1 business, which is focused on accelerated transport provision. XPO's top manager also quoted the ECAC -developed and, in his opinion, impressing solution aimed at charter aircraft loaders by giving them an insight into the airline company screening procedure.

Instead, he said the deal is to resell Air Charter's accelerated cross-selling service across all 59 Air Charter sites, which is taking effect today. "Jacobs said, "We have clients in the automotive, defence, pharmaceuticals, health care and petroleum and natural gas industries, all large industries that need and use national charter flights, and now we can get deep into them.

For the past 14 month, Jacobs has said that XPO has fully implemented the strategic direction it formulated when Jacobs, an enterpriser and creator and owner of Jacobs Private Equity LLC, and a group of investor groups entered into a $150 million investment in Express-1 Expedited Solutions, a non-investment third parties supplier of logistical services, and renamed the business XPO in mid-2011 to XPO Logistik.

Opening of 17 chill launches (construction of new plants in new cities), with 8 in lorry brokering, 8 in haulage and 1 in acceleration; - Completion of 5 takeovers, incl. the above -mentioned $150 million involvement in Express-1; - Increase of the company's number of employees from 208 to more than 900, 202 of them at the XPO Regional Operational Centre in Charlotte, N.

Mr. Jeff works and resides in Cape Elizabeth, Maine, where he is responsible for all facets of the day-to-day operations of the company's distribution network, warehousing, freight transport and material sourcing.

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