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Biggest Outstation Car Rental Service | Choose from a huge fleet of AC cabins with rock-bottom prices, well-trained chauffeur & no hidden charges. The GETMECAB GetMeCab is India's largest intercity cabin booking platform for Outstation Round and One Way Trips from Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Gurgaon, Noida, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Kolkata, Agra, Bhopal, Shimla, Manali and more. - New Delhi Forum

Beware - the rider asked for more cash! Drivers Nights Charge - on cars there are 0 Rh, but the rider asked for 200 Rh - we were back before 22.00, but the rider wanted to make a payment - he said to me: "The overnight fees are between 21.00 and 17.00 hours. Sadly, I have seen many a liar and thief in India.

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For my field station tour (24 - 27 March) I book a taxi at GetMeCab. Drivers and cabs should be sent to me 8 hrs before departure, but I didn't get any. So when I phoned them, they said they couldn't get a chauffeur or taxi for me because it was Holi the next one.

They seem to have noticed this only a few and a half hour before the beginning of my journey. I either have to take it or you can call off the journey and give me my full reimbursement. Since I have already made my reservations, I had to approve. At 24. tomorrow (8 o'clock) I phoned again, because I did not get any driver/cab-notes.

Around 10 o'clock I got the detail and phoned the chauffeur. Eventually he arrived at 5:30, 12 hrs after my planned arrival. Adding that, my journey ended on March 27 at about 22:07. Again I phoned GMC and asked if they charged me an additional 7 min and the response was "Yes".

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Hello Team, Hello Team, I have GotMeCab one-way on Do, 14 June 2018 from Bangalore to Puttaparti posted GotMeCab. While we are near our finish (Puttaparti), the rider went another way without intimidating us in the direction of Pennugonda. In response to questions, he said that we would have to make a "state permit" with the RTO.

When I asked the chauffeur that his cabin equipment is responsible for paying for the authorisation, the authorisation for cabins marked blue does not apply to the passenger. Drivers did not hear and shouted for another man who was neither a taxi operator nor a staff member of getmecab. Getting the taxi to the taxi was not a problem. Talking to me like a bat, he said to the taxi cabbie to take us back to Bangkok as if beating us there.

None of these guys can't speak and argue in Englisch and argues in Hindi. If you consider the gestmecab campaign a crime / life-threatening act, I would like you to take a very severe measure. Enclosed are the pictures of the taxi and its chauffeur.

Poor servicing, especially the driver's attitudes. Having searched for taxis on-line, this website seemed to be the most affordable and so we chose to continue and make reservations. At the time of reservation, however, we found that there was no way to insert a stopover between the pick-up and return points, so we phoned our support and asked for the same.

Our support representative told us that we should still make the reservation and said that as long as it was within 150 kilometres. Drivers will take you anywhere and if they exceed 150 km, we will be billed a fee of 1,500Rs per km. which seemed fairly and acceptably, so we went on and booked today, May 16, for 6am.

and everything the previous one. Arriving on the journey date, when the chauffeur told him to take the taxi via Mulund, he decided not to go and said that he would go directly to Igatpuri because he would be delayed because he had to be in Nashik at 10am.

Immediately we got in touch with the client services and the manager said we should have said the same thing in the comments section of the reservation and now he can't help us as the chauffeur will not leave and no other chauffeur is available. At the time we phoned our prebooking support, why were we not notified to say the same in the comments section?

B. What can they do to make a rider available who refused to say that he had to be somewhere at 10am for another pick-up? How can the manager of our client services put the guilt on us after taking care of us at the last moment? In addition, after all this error, when we complained about the same to the client services department, the manager says that he could not find a record of a call made from the registration number to the client services department, except the one that occurred the day after the driver's arrival.

Can' believe they have such bad company. Ask to help you educate your support staff to give your clients accurate information, otherwise more specifics will be mentioned on your website itself, and secondly, rent better riders, little courtesy from them will be valued. Don't include any wrong information on your website that you are providing "courteous drivers", he was completely impolite and so was your support manager.

Won't ever use this feature again and won't tell anyone about it. 3 -day journey back from Mumbai to Mahabaleshwar. The driver was 40 min too late and quite unexperienced. The driver took a few "shortcuts" far from it and caused further delay on our way there.

The driver was difficult to reach in between, and his street knowledge was annoying. In spite of the information that the invoice will be billed to us on-line, this was requested immediately after our return and the organisation neglected to respond to my concern and apply for a discount due to delay.

Beware - the rider asked for more cash! Beware - the rider asked for more cash! Drivers Nights Charge - on innovice there are 0 Rh, but the rider asked 200 Rh - we were back before 10 am. 12 o'clock, but the chauffeur wanted to make the payment - he said to me: "The overnight fees are between 9 pm and 5 pm.

Excellent customer care. Twice I book with Gotmecab - it impresses me both ways (in cabin qualities, commercial vehicle operator, timeliness etc.). As a result, I was able to avoid a self-drive vehicle hire company, book it on-line and get a limousine driven by a competitively priced one. Exchanging a few emails, I then went to get a competitively priced offer from them, and got a booking through gettingMeCab. Ravi was a thorough pro and made sure I had a good amount of fun during my two-day itinerary.

Could suggest geftmecab for all new travellers. Receive true information from customers and answer your feedback.

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