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9,090 Taxi

Call Burgit's City Taxi Inc. at 570-970-909090 or visit 565 S. Main St. Reach your destination safely & punctually! If you are the market leader in taxi services, please call 692-258-909090.

Gelber Taxi Cab Service (562) 986-8686 & (323)271-2727, Call or Book Online, Save 15%. I got 3 reviews of 1st Class Taxi "1st Class Taxi Union picked me up in time from Union Station. The Rockland County Limo & Taxi:

Airport Cab. Taxi near Oakland.

The Yellow Green Cab Company was founded in 1999 with the aim of becoming the best transport choice in the country. Our goal is to do this by providing our customers with the most luxury, dependable and safest trips around the city. It is our pleasure to offer you the best possible services. You can be sure that we will take you there with elegance, glamour and convenience.

REMEMBER: You must validate your on-line booking by phoning us at :

Il Oakland Taxi Service

Taxi are prepared to offer you a dependable taxi rental regardless of the hour of the day. With our taxi services at the airports, you can always make your flights. Since things can be abandoned, we make serious efforts to recover things that have been abandoned in our taxi or shuttle bag. We are always on schedule when it rains or the sun shines.

is a local taxi company that has built a solid track record as the best taxi company in the Bay Area City. Since 1999, our quick response and our convenient cabs have always brought us happy customers. Our services are convenient for any event, and include wedding ceremonies, graduation parties, concert performances, graduation balls and company functions.

Taxis and Limousine Service - May 2017 OES Sector-specific Career Guidance and Wage Assessments

Each of these nationally based sector-specific job and salary projections are based on information gathered by organizations of all scales, in urban and suburban areas in all states and the District of Columbia, in NAICS 485300 - Taxi and Limousine Service. Supplementary information, as well as hours and yearly tenth, twenty-fifth, seventy-fiveth and ninety-fourth percentile pay as well as the percentage of enterprises registering the profession, is available in the XLS file downloads.

485300 NAICS - Taxi and Limousine Service is part of: Narcs 485000 - Transit and ground passenger transport. NAICS SOC Main Groups 485300 - Taxi and Limousine Service: Appraisals for detail professions do not add up to the total because the total includes professions that are not shown as separate items. Appraisals do not refer to the self-employed.

2. The average per annum salary was obtained by applying an average number of 2 080 hour worked on a full-time basis throughout the year to the number of working days per year; for those professions for which no per hour salary was made public, the average per annum salary was obtained directly from the recorded surveys. OES other estimations and related information:

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