Taxi Licence Cost

Taxilience Costs

It'?s over $1 million for a licensed NYC taxi. Think of it as you pay more than $1 million just to own a chartered taxi in New York city. New York Times reports that the city's first taximedallion auctions since 2008 raised $200 million to sell 200 of the licences, so the median starting point for driving one of the approximately 15,000 legal amber taxis is almost twice as high as at the last auctions.

Going back to the 1930s, the system of locketing was developed to limit the number of cabins to a sustained amount. Another indication of the time of the sale was that two locket medals selling as a "mini-fleet" were awarded for a total of $2.5 million, about twice as much as in 2008.

Taxicommissar David Yassky said to the Times that the sector is becoming the "Take All Winner" and that the notion that a taxi operator could one day actually own his own taxi shop is becoming more and more challenging. Naturally, the taxi committee sees this as an indicator of the power of the taxi trade and the private sector, so there is.

However, to put the company's strength into context, one of these single locket medals is about fivefold as expensive as launching a quiznofranchise. So if you are looking for a job move, maybe you should try learning how to make a sandwich instead of taking a taxi.

How much are the cost and requirement to become a New York taxi cabbie?

There are two kinds of New York City taxis - gold medallions that can take people anywhere in the five neighborhoods and greens that can take people to Upper Manhattan, the Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island. New York' s Taxi & Limousine Commission for these two kinds of taxi are exactly the same requirement.

To become a taxi rider in this town and get a TLC licence is a complex procedure with many stages. In order to obtain one of these taxi licences, you must be at least 19 years old and hold a current New Yorker, New Jerseyer, Connecticut or Pennsylvania Chefs Drive licence. When you have a New York driving licence, it must be A, B, C or D as these are the only categories that are accept.

When you have a New Jersey, Connecticut or Pennsylvania drivers licence, it must be equal to classes A, B, C or E of the State of New York. If you do not have a drivers licence, you can obtain it from your nearest Department of Motor Vehicles. Prerequisites for driving licenses differ from country to country, but generally require a current driver's licence, a minimum age of 17, participation in a driving exam and eye test, and payment of a small surcharge.

The TLC will consider your request thoroughly if you have been found guilty of one or more offences relating to assault, drug use, drug use, drug misuse or sex offenses and may refuse your driver's license. The TLC will investigate your request thoroughly and may refuse to grant your driver's permit. When your licence is in New Jersey, Connecticut or Pennsylvania, you must provide a DMV certificate certifying that you have no open tolls.

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