Single Engine Jet for Sale

One-engine jet for sale

Jet Archive Vision Joe and Luke Slawek, the father-son pair, earn their livelihood and give almost every conceivable meal a special taste. Now they are getting their businesses moving - with a new Vision Jet. FONA International, Inc. was established in 1987 by Joe when Luke was just six years old, and employs some of the best taste researchers in the industry to design and manufacture flavours.

The company did not take long to be recognised as the world's leading provider of taste and marketing solution. Even though aeronautics was not a new undertaking for the Slawek dynasty, he chose to take it to heaven. Luke was in Embry-Riddle's pilot training class, but Joe's love of the air was revived when he saw the lightness of a fast father-son hunt with a plane in his hands.

"I think we really understand what a timemachine it is to have planes available," Joe said. Mr. Joe started thinking about how to use the aerospace industry to enhance the company's mission statement. With a Pilatus PC-12, Joe and Luke began to fly planes with sample flight patterns of Fana product throughout the entire nation to prospective customers.

Today they appreciate that they have flew over 30 different aircraft together and have fallen in Love with Cirrus and Beechcraft helicopters. Air transport proved to be an advantageous step for the future development of the company's operating mode. Joe hired the Lone Mountain crew again last year to broker the acquisition of a new Cirrus Vision Jet.

Using an existing airplane, however, enables the company to get product into the customer's capable hands in a very close turn-around and bring its staff back much more quickly. Joe says the short travels will give workers at Joe a quieter private lifestyle and another productive working days in the next day's work.

Luke has established a good working relation with the Cirrus crew during the supply and retraining phase thanks to the Vision Jet acquisition. Currently Joe is working on his Vision Jet model ratings. The Slawek men do not only use their airplane to take good care of the shops, but they also take their leisure to enjoy themselves.

This plane has carried three generation of Slaweks (and their dog companions) to entertaining locations like the Grand Cayman Islands.

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