Yellow Taxi Peterborough

Peterborough Yellow Taxi

Peterborough is one of the best taxi companies in Peterborough, offering many different vehicles. Minicab in Peterborough PE1 2PB Peterborough is one of the best taxi companies in Peterborough, which offers many different types of taxi-cars. There are 5-8 seats available and we can supply wheeled cars. and to Peterborough, as well as airports. Punctual taxi, cheerful chauffeur who interfered in a discussion from beginning to end.

Carz Yellow - Taxis - 01733 775555 - Peterborough

Yellow TAXI returned to me and escaped the scene of the crime!... He came back to apologize a few moments later, pledged to repay for the loss, and then went back to his name. Managers of the business unbelievably impolite, no personality abilities, brush it off altogether and said he had done a good thing to get in touch with me.

No excuse and explained to me that it wasn't his fault!!!!! Do not use this firm, honest and hazardous riders. Called Yellow Car and was collected by Crown Taxis, a very nice rider and very useful. It has been said that the undertakings were brought together.

Whoever says that in my case it doesn't really make any difference, the larger the company, the more available it is to get the car I want.

: Peterborough Royal Taxi's :::.

As we know, taxi bookings must be one of the most relaxed and carefree experience you will ever have, so we ensure that we are there for you when you need us. Our wide vehicle fleet enables us to carry a large number of people in and around the town of Peterborough as well as to and from all major international destinations.

Proud of our client label and with the agreement of the advice and other authorities, we ensure that you have a enjoyable and enjoyable trip with us. Our employees are all fully qualified and have both NVQ Levels 2 in Highway Traffic and a Peterborough City Club licence.

Some of our cars are equipped for the handicapped.

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