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Fuel prices for aircraft at Golden State Aviation (FBO) in GILLESPIE FIELD, SEE. Flight lessons, instruction, training in San Diego, California The Golden State Flying Club has been providing basic and upper level instruction at our Gillespie Field factory for five years. The courses are held in a class-room by seasoned flying and surface trainers and include presentations, workshop and exams. We are also an FAA-authorized testing center that allows our students to complete the FAA Knowledge Test here after successfully passing a basic course.

We at Golden State know that to learn to fly is much more than just to pass a few exams and learn essential flight techniques. You will find our trainers ready to spend the amount of patience and energy to ensure that you gain a full comprehension of the information and processes required for both the skill and hands-on training of pilots.

Nearly every aviation training centre provides an instruction altogether. Our tutorial is called a "trial course" because it gives the future pilots a very thorough knowledge so that you can judge what is connected with the acquisition of a pilot's license. We start with a free, three-hour orientation course in which we familiarise students with everything they ever want to know about aviation education - whether here or in another university.

Costs, timing and efforts are described in detail so that prospective pupils can make informed choices about the further course of their education. Next, qualifying students* will have the option to buy our $139.95 Introductory Course Pack, which contains TWO ONE HURSE LESSONS FLYING LECTIONS, a course book, a pilot's log and the option of 2 night stays at our Private Pilots Ground School to evaluate the course for your individual needs.

If you are willing to use our introductory course, call us to enrol for the orientation class, whereupon you can plan the first of your two sessions. Our plan is 2 hrs overall for every 1 hrs flying in order to have enough floor space for the pre and after flight needs.

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