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TAXI SERVICES LIMITED Credit Report. We are a taxi company based in Daventry. Would you like to offer your guests a first class taxi service? Fourways Car & Taxi Services.

Allow yourself a comfortable taxi service between Reykjavík and your arrival or departure at Keflavík International Airport!

Waynesville G B Taxi Service, NC with ratings

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Our company is a taxi company headquartered in Daventry. Operation of a vehicle pool with a six-seater passenger transporter, a seven-seater and two eight-seater mini buses around the clock, 365 a year. Do you run a Daventry B&B or B&B in or around Daventry?

Would you like to offer your clients a first class taxi shuttleervice? Don't look any further, because the UK cabs are here to help. Give us a call - 01327 700011 / 01327 703706 / 01327 705 591 How we are on facebook for reservations and promotions !

Keflavik and Reykjavik

Allow yourself a comfortable taxi ride between Reykjavík and your destination or your depature at Keflavík International Airport! Once you have arrived, collected your bag and cleared custom, simply show your taxi operator your reservation receipt. Tell the drivers to which accomodation you are going and you are on your way!

The whole one-way drive between Keflavík Airport and Reykjavík takes about 40-45-minute. Upon your return to Keflavík airport, a taxi will collect you from your hall 2 hours and 45 min before your depart. Any general enquiries, as well as modification or cancelation enquiries, may be made on-line. General business requirements, as well as changes and cancelations to your vacation, differ from departing destination to departing destination.

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