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Find out more about working at Spectrum Enterprise. The Spectrum Group has established itself as one of the most important players in the market for seismic services. Reviews for Spectrum Average. I applied on-line. Interview terminée en juillet 2018 à Spectrum.

The conversation took place via Skype. Even if technical problems occurred, the conversation was very pleasant. No serious questions were asked no serious questions, instead they tried to get to know the applicant and find the right position, industry etc. for the person.

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It is our mission to be an immersive property company that uses its extraordinary staff, strong platforms and strong connections to deliver top value property that enriches the local community we are in. We are a fully integrated property management company that develops, owns, leases and manages offices, condominiums and apartment buildings in the southeast.

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The Spectrum Group has become one of the most important players in the markets for sealing solutions. It is focused on providing high-quality multi-client seismic information with the world's broadest 2-D off-shore libraries and a comprehensive 3-D range of geophysical products. The Spectrum company is one of the most rapidly expanding enterprises in the field. Spectrum Group offers the worldwide petroleum and natural-gas industry advanced multi-client and high value imaging solutions from subsidiaries in the United States, Norway, the United Kingdom, Brazil, Australia, Indonesia and Singapore.

It is our company's mission to provide world-leading service through tenacity, engagement and awareness of excellence. Targeting pivotal areas of hydrocarbons prospecting, Spectrum solves the visual challenge that enables our customers to make better exploratory choices with the information they acquire. Spectrum's multi-client seametric database is specialized in providing local cover and covers most of the world's major production areas.

Spectrum's multi-client comprehensive maritime database with 2-D coordinates is the biggest of its kind. Skilled geoscience crews incorporate borehole drilling information with earthquake analysis and teledetection information (gravity, magnetism, SAR seepage, radiation, etc.) to assess the hydrocarbons potentials of the pools in which we operate. Our corporate strategic focus is on both the world's large, mature hydrocarbon-producing areas and important unexplored areas that have been selected by our seasoned geoscience research group as emerging prospective exploratory hotspots.

Figures include new acquisitions, preparation and interpretations reporting. Multi-client departments often work in close collaboration with regional authorities to order new studies or prepare archival information to successfully stimulate interest in exploring a area. The Spectrum portfolio includes a broad array of advanced imaging technologies to handle even the most difficult sealing applications.

We offer demanding 3-D and 2-D temporal and spatial dimensional geophysics to our clients around the world. Regardless of where they are located, Spectrum office space is fitted with high-speed communications features that enable 24-hour operations globally. At Spectrum, we are dedicated to the advancement and commercialization of advanced technology in geophysics and imaging.

Our technology development is aimed at offering our customers the latest manufacturing solution. Spectrum's field physicists are experienced in managing geophysical datasets from around the globe and have a track record of dealing with complex and demanding datasets.

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