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Cessna' CitationJet replaced the Citation I and was a brand new lightweight aircraft with a cruising distance of up to 1,285 nm. Two FJ44-1A turbo fans power this aircraft, which has EFIS electronics and is single-pilot certificated. Normal Cruise Speed KTAS: Usable fuel LBS: What is the cost of a Cessna Citation Aircraft?

RVSM-approved, ADS-B compliant equipment, 2 Garmin GTN 750 GNSS/SBAS,..... Complete TAP Elite completely payed without delay * 10 Doctor Closed May 2018 * GNS-400 WAAS * RVSM compliant * Free AC * Always hangared * color and.....

Bigger jets predominate the single pilot class.

According to the General Aviation Manufacturing Association (GAMA) 2015 deliveries, Embraer and Cessna aircraft producers are seeing higher levels of customer interest in their bigger single-pilot jets than their smaller counterparts. Embraer's ten-seater Phenom 300 has wiped out everything on the business aircraft scene and has been top of the annual selling league for the past three years.

By 2015, the Brazil-based company had produced 70 jets, all of which were overshadowed, among them its own six-seater Phenom 100, of which only 12 found their way into use. In Wichita, Kansas, the long-established leading company Cessna saw similar results on the distribution sheets: the nine-stage Citation M2 rigorously marketed the smaller Mustang.

Taken together, the supplies of the bigger jets exceeded those of the smaller jets in the 5.5:1 proportion. There is also an upwards tendency in the turnover of both Phenom 300 and Citation M2, with the Phenom 100 and Mustang lines showing low trends. As the M2 competed in the last quarterly 2013 supply round for the first time, it immediately began selling both the Mustang and Phenom 100 product lines.

One of the reasons for the fame of the bigger planes is the way they are used, not what they are paid for. Embraer says Phenom 300 clients want them for Fractional Property Programmes, charters, corporate travel and ownerships. Embraer Executive Jets President and CEO Marco Pellegrini said the Phenom 300's continued growth has been driven by satisfying the needs of its clients.

" Given the average annual consumer need for the Phenom 100 of only 15 per year and the Mustang eight per year, the futures of these two planes must be considered, especially in view of the upcoming Cirrus SF50 Vision certifications. As soon as the innovation Cirrus jets are certificated - due in July - and delivery to customers begins, the sector will be able to accurately assess their place in the mart.

However, the Phenom and Citation have both an edge over the Cirrus: a second motor. It is currently suspected that charters will still require twin-engined aircraft without the apparent costs advantages of operating with only one turboprop. This would limit the SF50's entry into the markets and may motivate Embraer and Cessna to stay there.

Cirrus does not, however, do wrong calculations very often, so both Embraer and Cessna have some thoughts ahead, and one of the options must be to leave Cirrus at the bottom of the fleet and further solidify its share in the charter and export transportation businesses.

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