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Hubschrauberflüge Great Britain

An extended London helicopter flight takes you right into the heart of London, giving everyone the chance to see many of the world's greatest sights. What London helicopter rides are the best? Here is an overview of your choices for the best helicopter trips and trips in London. Of course we like to see London on walking, but sometimes it's great to get a completely different perspective! Have you ever wanted a bird's perspective of our favorite place?

Take a look at our guidebook below to get the best helicopter trips in our area!

Those boys know what they want: the flyers who work here have been over London for 10 years! Enjoy London pleasure flights take you along the Thames from City Airport down to the Houses of Parliament. Trips start in Essex and take place all year round on prearranged schedules.

Redhill helicopter trips start comfortably from Surrey and are easy to reach by local transportation. Trips feature a BIG selection of iconic landmarks and places ranging from the far western edge of Wembley Stadium to Greenwich in the eastern - and of course all the regularly scheduled attractions in between!

London Helicopter Holidays offer some of the most versatile and unbelievable helicopter trips in the city. Our customers can opt for a fast "buzz" beyond the city or a journey beyond London. They' re also the only London helicopter route that starts from London itself - making it so comfortable for you.

It'?s possible to get one for your London helicopter ride! From time to time, some of the UK's most favourite coupon websites have great special promotions for their helicopter trip packs. LivingSocial's helicopter offering has recently ended, but we expect another one to show up soon, so be on the lookout! Groupon has a wide choice of flight hours, London sightseeing and daily excursions to suit your needs.

Choose from a wide range of possibilities offered by buyAGift, such as a journey for two with a glass of sparkling wine or a view of London with lunches for just £75.

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