Helicopter Sightseeing

sightseeing by helicopter

Manhattan Helicopter Tour offers you a whole new and exciting view of New York City from the air. Take this unique helicopter tour through the Everest region and enjoy the breathtaking views from your chartered helicopter. This amazing helicopter tour will take you to rugged peaks, icy turquoise lakes and dense pine forests.

Excursions by helicopter near Banff National Park

This astonishing helicopter ride takes you to rugged summits, glacial cyan waters and thick stone pinewoods. Helicopter sightseeing in Banff takes up to 30 min and takes you through some of the most stunning attractions in Banff National Park. There are also tours to the Marvel Pass for those who wish to take part in something really unique.

Combination a picturesque helicopter ride with a 7,000-foot walk on a helicopter route with a guide. 25 min from the famed Columbia Icefields between Banff and Jasper, you'll see the Rockies of Canada as they should be seen on an Icefields sightseeing plane.

The helicopter rides last up to 55 min, you'll see ice falls, ice falls, waterfalls, mountain lochs and 11,200 feet of peak on every ride.

Helicopter Tour New York NYC Helicopter Trip

Take your 10-minute helicopter ride and see New York City in awe. Expanded harbour cruise overlooking the five districts of New York City! A 48 hour double-decker sightseeing of downtown, Uptown & Harlem, Brooklyn, the night tours and the Big Apple Liberty Helicopter Tours!

Sit comfortably and take part in an extensive port trip that features the attractions of the New York trip! The New York er Tour's attractions and the attractions listed above make this award-winning route and take 1st place. Enjoy a 30-minute luxury new view of this unique town!

How to Make Helicopter Sightseeing Tours Safer

Crash reveals dangers of rides for sightseeers" (title page, 13 March): On Sunday evening, five passenger were killed when a New York sightseeing plane plunged into the East River. A few thoughts on how to prevent further pointless deaths: Because Manhattan is the only secure place to go on the beach in an emergencies situation, such a helicopter should be equipped with permanently fixed docks.

When the helicopter overturned in the waters, the weak inflation boats turned out to be useless. "But it'?ll consume more fuel," helicopter owners will say. Organize a competition among student engineers to get many great idea to make these helicopter trips safe. A number of hypotheses about the death of passengers in the helicopter accident in Manhattan were cited, as well as the fact that it was a doors-off plane.

A further important fact may be behind the collision. A few routes take you with single-engine choppers, others with twin-engine choppers. Eurocopter AS350, which went down on Sunday evening, was a single-engine helicopter. In general, a helicopter with a singles motor is considered to be much less secure as there is no back-up power unit if the prime mover is out.

Several of my friend crews working on aeromedical missions are refusing to travel in single-engine aircraft for security purposes. Since we believe that an aircraft malfunction was implicated in the Sunday evening accident, I am hopeful that policy will consider possible limitations on single-engine choppers for touring - especially door-to-door helicopter touring.

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