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( Fort St. John, British Columbia, Canada ) Canadian helicopters. ( Les Cedres, Quebec, Canada ) Custom Helicopters, Ltd. Big slave helicopters. Sites in the category "Helicopter pilot".

Two AStar helicopters and one fixed-wing helicopter are in operation.

Helicopter commercial companies, operators

Helicopters, Ltd. Customs Helicopters, Ltd. Helicopter Hy-Ridge, Ltd. Resources Helicopter, Ltd. Helicopters Tasman Ltd. Helicopters Taiga, Ltd. Room Air Service, Inc. Helicopters, Inc. Helicopters, Inc. S-64 Aircrane provides helicopter service to civil and defence clients in cities and outlying areas around the world. Infrastructural engineering, fire fighting, logging, farming, civil protection, overhead lines, HVAC, fuel and natural resources, logistics assistance, ship supplies and special lifts....

For a quotation for your particular helicopter elevator task or for service, repairs and overhauls, please consult Erickson. Aero Services, Inc. The Helicopter Academy provides US or international pilot the opportunity to log for only US$250 per flying lesson. Call or e-mail us today to find out how we can help you save precious and inexpensive pilot air travel in a helicopter.

Helicopters, Inc. Helicopters, Inc. Helicopters, Inc. Our specialties include air survey, agricultural, construction, exterior, fire brigade, piping, utilities, residential, searching and rescuing. Air survey and cinematography, air charter, farming, freight transport, civil works, crew transport, outside loading, cineflex elite system cinematography, fire suppression, forestry, gas pipeline inspections and measurements, geocoding, georeferencing, logging, inspections, seismic exploration, maintenance survey and patrol, mapping, oil pipeline inspections and measurements, photography, pipeline and power line measurements, supply works and inspections and more.

The helicopter pilot is a professional expert in the field of helicopter flying and cargo handling. Each of our technicians is fully trained and has on avarage more than five years experiences with each rotor blade we use. Helicopters Marinos S.A. HeliFlite Aviation Services, S.A. GuangZhou SuiLian Helicopter General Aviation Company, Ltd. No matter if it' s for a biz, a vacation or just a relaxed trip, Advance Aviation is able to provide you with the unmatched, tailor-made package of services according to your wishes with ultimative handling.

Lori offers luxurious trips, V.I.P. and nature charter, building work, lifting strap cargo, utilities, farming, fire brigade and medical evacuation. To see our extensive listing of our routes and activities, please check our website.

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