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These are not valid between JeT and RTA buses (Orleans Parish). Background and historyB bargain days to flyBest time to buyMore ways to save. flight tickets to Delhi, Jet Airways cheap flights to Delhi, International Airlines status, flight schedules

One of the most rapidly expanding carriers in the nation, Jet Airways began operations in 1993. Jet Airways covers over 50 Indian towns and 20 foreign locations and is committed to providing the best onboard experiences. Airways is known for its low fares, warm welcome and outstanding service, as well as the provision of scheduled inter-destination flights.

Jet Airways has broadened its global horizon and worked with some of the most prestigious global carriers to delight clients around the world. With over 147 carriers, Jet Airways is an airline partner and 95 of them are airline e-ticketing partner, which allows passengers to buy a ticket for two carriers on the same ticket voucher.

The Jet Airways Group owns the youngest aircraft in the world, which not only provides a safer and smoother ride, but also consumes less petrol, resulting in lower fares. Many years of hands-on service and dedication have enabled Jet Airways to gain the heart of Indian and international clients.

In addition to Jet Airways' reliable flights, on-line bookings, web, kiosk and text message check-in are just some of the other advantages. It has received several accolades, including the Lonely Planet Magazine Travel Award 2012, the Customer & Brand Loyalty In Domestic Commercial Airlines Sector and the most popular full-service carrier at the Outlook Traveller Award 2011, to name a few.

Basic price is .50.

Basic price is $1.50. There is a $2.00 ticket price for crossing the bridge or traveling to the New Orleans CBD. Passenger Billing accepts 1, 5, 10, 20 and all US Dollars and offers coin exchange in the shape of a prepaid ticket that can be used for calculating fares in the near term.

These are not applicable between JeT and RTA busses (Orleans Parish). These only apply between the rows in the system from which they are output. Passengers who use the coach often can make savings with a passport. TAGESPASS - $4.00 Good for indefinite journeys within the JeT system and effective for one business days from the date the ticket is used.

Day tickets can ONLY be bought on board buses at the operator's discretion. Monthly VIP Passes - $60.00 Good for indefinite travel and effective for 31 business Days from the date shown on the ticket once it is enabled. VIP Monthly Pass is available at the JeT sites listed below and at Wilty Terminal Fare Booth on the West Bank.

Notice that JeT's terminals and equipment only accepts money for token and month tickets. $6.00 Good for unrestricted travel on JeT and RTA busses and trams for 24hrs after first use. Passports can be obtained on board JeT and RTA cars, via the RTA GoMobile App and at RTA ATMs.

Token can work better for drivers who do not change between buses. Token are available in litters of 10 for $15.00. Please be aware that the JeT terminals and equipment only accepts money for token and month tickets. Half the basic rate is 75ยข.

Half the price for crossing the creek is $1.00. MapJeT View provides longer opening times at the Wilty Terminal Information Booth in the last few weeks and the first few workingdays of each month. Click here for office opening times 2018 for the Wilty Terminal information booth. For more information on JeT's non-discrimination policy or to lodge a complaints, please refer to the General Manager of Jefferson Parish Transit (504) 818-1077.

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