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Whoever applies to be a taxi driver must pass a practical test. They must first pass the theory test for taxi drivers before they can apply for the course. To get behind the wheel, drivers must pass what is generally considered the toughest taxi test in the world. The application for a driving licence for taxis MUST be completed in full before the applicant can begin the examination.

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Whoever applies as a taxi cabbie must take a hands-on test. They must first take and successfully complete the theoretical taxi drivers examination before they can submit an application. During the test, what happens? During the test, what happens? You' ll take part in a hands-on test drive with your taxi cab rider on both country and city highways.

You' ll be going for at least an hours. You' ve got to convince the examiner: Throughout the exam, you must be willing to allow the inspector and any oversight inspector to journey in the automobile. Make sure your vehicles are fit for the test and you must have the correct driver's license to use them.

During the test, the rolling stock used shall be If you want to succeed in the test, you must not receive more than 15 errors (less if the errors are serious). When you receive a serious or hazardous error or 16 or more driver errors, you will not succeed in the test. Also, you need to please the inspector that you are:

Taxi driver's licenses are only granted when all conditions have been fulfilled. At the end of the trial, if you do not receive a driver's license, you will not be eligible for a reimbursement for any of your completed taxi driving lessons or hands-on taxi driving exams.

In preparation for the practice test you should point to the following link:

Drivers tests

Candidates must present their latest Nevada driver's license. Claimants must have the $91.25 handling charge (exact revision if possible) with them at the point of submission for review. Persons indicated on the credential cards or direct debits must be present at the moment of the check with a correct image number.

Driving licence applications for taxis MUST be completed in full before the examination can begin. Candidates are only allowed to take the driving test a total of two (2) occasions in any seven-day course. The tests are available from Monday to Friday from 7:30 to 15:00 (hours may be adapted due to computer, personnel and timing problems).

Candidates CANNOT exit the test area after their examination has started. This test, which is carried out by the Taxicab Authority on all future riders, is intended to make sure that the requester has NRS 706-basics. This test also enables the Taxicab authority to verify NRS 706 adherence.

The Taxicab Authority's administration is not allowed to talk about the contents of the examination with the candidates, but only to tell them whether the candidate has or has not successfully completed the examination. There are ten (10) multiple-choice and five (5) real or fake testzes. In order to successfully complete the examination, the requester must not have more than four (4) wrong responses.

Candidates take the test on a computer belonging to the Taxicab Authority. Candidates have only fifteen (15) minute to finish the test, when the computer stops the test and informs the candidate that the deadline has been met. After the test is launched, it is not halted or re-launched.

Applicants who request that the examination be discontinued before answering all queries or before the expiry of the deadline will not pass this examination. Fifteen (15) minutes of test begins when the sponsor has clicked the START button. In the test area the following points are NOT allowed:

There shall be no introduction of a dictionary, waste parchment or other material from the sponsor into the test area. Where it is established that the person concerned is behaving inappropriately, the person concerned will not pass this test and could be denied authorisation according to the offence. Applicants found guilty of fraud are not eligible to retest for one whole months.

Ask for help or talk to another candidate after the test has started. The use of testing material not provided to the requester by the staff of the authority of the Taxicab. Viewing another candidate's test facility to respond to questions about their test. Photographing the test. The ultimate decision to grant a license to operate a taxi in Clark County Nevada lies with the Nevada Taxi Cab Authority Administrator as consolidated in NRS 706.8841.

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