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International Jet Airways London Airline Trip - Good Experiences - Jet Airways Evaluation It was the first year that I chose Jet Airways for an international outing. From Calcutta we were on our way to London Heathrow. From Calcutta to Delhi our trip was a regular inland trip, punctual and the check-in procedure was pretty fast and easy. For me, the best Jet characteristic was the approval of 2 check-in bags[each 23 kg].

This is not allowed by other rival flights in this area. Our luggage was directly registered for pick-up at Heathrow, so we didn't have to recheck our luggage at Delhi Internationalport. Delhi arrived on schedule and the waiting in Delhi was a little less than 2 hours or so and we jumped towards the international route in no short space of tim.

Of course, the carrier that flew to London was larger and better; the airfields were comfortably sized and the interior good, but it would not be possible to make the same comparison with the top 2-3 carriers that fly to the London market, which of course are better. Our plane punctually reached Heathrow, and the pick-up of the luggage was quite comfy.

However, Jet is assigned a less favoured Heathrow Terminal [Terminal 4], which means that duty-free dining is possible and restaurant facilities are restricted in comparison to other terminals. However, it is the plane back that I found somewhat disturbing. First, as I boarded, I listened to proclamations that made me a little nervous, such as that all purses would not fit on the plane and that some people might have to go checking in their purses.

Though I was concerned about this proclamation, we finally didn't have to inspect any of our purses, so I was reliefed. Heathrow' s return to Delhi had little delay, but that was due to the overloading of the take-off and landing runways, and I can't assign that to the jet.

It was a pleasant flight, but the meal was definitely not at the level of the major international flights serving the London area. But the only hard part of the adventure was when we returned from London and ended up at Delhi International Station. We had to pick up our luggage from the luggage conveyors, take it through Delhi custom and put it back at the jet-desk.

That'?s'cause we went through the Delhi immigrant thing ourselves. It doesn't bother me to go through the Delhi migration myself, but the bag should have been transfered by the carrier itself, as the Jet Airways London desk had acknowledged that the bag had been check-in to Calcutta CCU.

Therefore, I would not advise returning travellers to keep a brief stopover between their two flights if they take a connection from Delhi after arriving in London to another inland one. After a relatively long stopover, you will have plenty of free airfare, go through the migration process, pick up your pockets at the Delhi luggage conveyor and drop them off again at the jet switch.

Several international travellers arrived from London on the same plane and made a little noise at the jet counter about this awkward part of the trip. Now that I am fully conscious of this I will be able to schedule my trip back and better organize the work.

All in all, I find Jet's international expertise pretty seamless and will be open for flights with them again according to the price of the tickets. So long as jet fares are lower than on competitive international airlines, I would choose Jet.

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