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Hubschrauber-Taxi Nyc

BLADE Bounce - Helicopter Airport Transfers Bouncing from Airports to Manhattan - How does it work and when should I do it? Once your aircraft has landed commercially at the airfield, you will be picked up from your airfield, which will provide a curb for your helicopter's surface transport at the arriving airfield. Plan your trip at your destination and our Flier Relations team will customize your helicopter itinerary to match your estimate of your scheduled transit times.

The BLADE Meet and Greet option is strongly recommended to provide a quick pick-up to your helicopter. We do not monitor industrial transport at airports and this can sometimes lead to delay. Bouncing from Manhattan to Airports - How does it work and at what hour should I make a booking?

As soon as your helicopter arrives at the destination, a car provided by the destination will wait to take you to your destination. We recommend for business departures that you book your helicopter's arrival 20 min prior to arrival at your local airports curb. If your plane leaves at 17:00 JFK and you want to get to the terminals at 16:00, plan your trip for 15:40.

If your aircraft is arriving at a privately owned helicopter base, we will co-ordinate with your FBO, helicopter pilots and aircraft pilots to make sure that your Jettaxis are as near as possible to your waiting helicopter. We' ll work with your helicopter pilots and FBO to make sure your helicopter gets next to your waiting plane.

Please see Airport address here. will be included in your verification e-mail as well as in the pre-flight memory text messages. 24/7/365 Bounce is available. Any bounce flying between 8 p.m. and 8 p.m., however, will be subject to New York City Pass-Through charges due to delayed helicopter port operating and handling charges and pilots' charges.

Any charges will be acknowledged to the customer before his/her depart. If I' m too slow for my bounce, what happens? CHARTA: In the case that you are too delayed for your BLOADCHART, a fee of $250 per 10 minute will be charged for the helicopter turning and maintaining beyond your planned flight-times.

This cost results from a combined effect of idling times, relocation cost and uptime. There are no regular services after the flight start date.

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