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src=" ejcms/cache/medialibrary/D194A3D1B96C42E6A5F39E80ABA7DB9F.ashx" width="620"> Cultural life, King's monuments, palaces, the best museum and arts gallery in the whole wide range and some of the best night life in the UK - here you will find a vacation in the UK. What about modern urban centres, mediaeval cathedrals and dozy farming cottages? Well, you' re adding to the blend a busy capitol competing with New York for the global capitol status, some of Europe's most scenic landscapes and more than you could wish for and you' re getting closer to what the UK has to offer travelers.

The United Kingdom, made up of England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland, is a conglomeration of different areas, stories and, of course, highlights. Wait for Manchester, Newcastle and the towns of the "friendly" northern hemisphere to delight you with their stunning nocturnal life, magnificent Victorian palaces and welcoming people. Further southwards, the mediaeval towns of Cambridge, Oxford and Bath offer the visitor a foretaste of England from bygone days - an England of afternoon spend in rural riverside pubs, old colleges and truly stunning mediaeval and Georgian architectural sites.

As if that weren't enough, you still have the whole landscape to experience. You' know the twisty roads, patched corn fields and gentle hilly landscape of England. Go to Scotland and you have the Highlands to see, or Harry Potter Land if you know.

While vibrant old universities, vibrant old city centres and patchedwork landscapes are very attractive, no British guidebook would be complete without highlighting the gem in the British Krone, the capitol London. Europe's largest economic hub and number one holiday resort, this vast European centre of culture is a vast city with a rich past, rich variety and endless tourism delights.

Imagine infinite collection of world-class museum and gallery arts, the world's premier drama area, numerous mansions and gardens and a night life unmatched by any other town in the globe, and you won't even come within reach of what London has to boast. Stay a few nights in this town and you will soon discover why some call it the capitol of the word.

Gulf Stream prevents things from becoming extremely cold in either summer or winters, so temperature seldom drops too low or rises too high. It is a brief but enjoyable season, especially in the southern hemisphere, where August temperature can reach its climax at around 30ยบ. Farther northerly and in Scotland we are expecting a few degree colder weather throughout the year.

There is no best moment to go with so much to see in this land, but if you choose to make a trip, take a brownie with you.

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