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Forgotten your username and/or password? Forgotten your user name and/or password? When you select Get User Name or Get User Name and Password, you will be prompted to validate your user ID by typing an e-mail or telephone number associated with your user ID, or your user ID and last name. In order to obtain a password, you will be asked to provide your user name and postcode for the services.

In order to finish the trial, you will be prompted to check your balance by text, e-mail or automatic call. Type the six-digit confirmation key sent via the communications protocol of your preference to recall your user name or modify your passphrase. Find out more about how to modify your passwords.

Temporary 10 Credentials of a Charter Customer Service Representative

In case of unscheduled failures we should say: "It will start within 24 to 48 hours", but the agent does not like to hear the "OMG TWO WHOLE DAYS WITHOUT SERVICE", which necessarily follow, so they catch up a period of 1-4 to. Normally it will be repaired within this period anyway, but don't take any warranty period unless you call after 12:00 p.m. (99% of regular service takes place early in the morning.) If there is a confirmed failure, you should receive a daily voucher for your service according to the formal guidelines.

It has become standard policy, however, that clients should call back after a loan default (and of course nothing has been done by senior managers to prevent this), and it's up to you to decide whether or not you think it's rewarding to discuss with a supervisor's representative/request. When your Tech is too tardy, you should claim a $20 loan on schedule.

It only works if the technology reaches the accounting system after the expiration of the period. If you have a 10-12 date and the techn shows up at 11:50, there's no loan. It also presupposes that the timeframe in the accounting system is the same as we said to you.

So if you don't have a ring back on a phone, or RF (bad light and poor quality on your modem), or no TV services on all televisions, you can have one. If you have a low speed, an interrupted call, a busy line, a TV broadcast on televisions without a cable TV set, or if your schedule is an installation or line problem, you are not allowed to use this feature.

When you have a home office- and depend on the web, please get a charter corporate bankroll. CB is only achieved through in-house advertising, so all existing CBs have been in the organisation for at least six month and most have or attend some kind of IT-training.

Campaigns we provide differ by region, but our default tariffs are $29. 99/mo for 5-meg web, $44. 99/mo for the Basic, expanded and digitally converted, $19. 99/mo for the phone and $5/mo for the advanced (HBO, Showtime or Stz/Enc). There are no extra features like fast paced web, digitial view, modems for rent (not that you should rent a modems from us anyway - buy your own and you' ll be saving long term money), etc.

Well, our e-mail services suck. We' ll try and push you in because it's the highest commissioned non-lorry throw ($2.50), but you should only have it on your bank if you have a signalling problem due to something you like to install with your own shard or have a hound chewing your cock.

Also our wireless services (Home Networking) is a trick. New business segments account for the highest level of provision. When you want to be a terrible individual, you can tell the representative that you are interested in getting a phone call (gives the highest fee - $15) if they can solve your problem and then alter your opinion at the end of the call.

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