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but they were over 30 too early for the bad home. There is usually at least a waiting period of 30-45 mins after the planned pick-up period, and if you don't call well in advance, the waiting period is often over an hours. Unopened 24h rejected service @ 20pm "You had no desire to come out".

Did the phone answer "Ughhhhhhhhh what?" In place of Advance Cab. As the man on the phone said, they are not open 24 h a day and only take tickets when they want to..... I' ve been repeating at different times the last 3 days for a taxi & tonight was the first time they have responded......

Terrible business acumen, customer service skills, professionalism and service in general! You showed up when they said they'd do it once of the 10 times I' ve used them. They' re usually 45 minutes too much - an hours too much or too little. There is either no drivers, or they show up an hours too late or they tell you they'll be there in 15 minutes and never show up or pick up the telephone.

This is the lowest level of customer satisfaction I've experienced in a long while! There was a marriage in the city and the taxi was 45 min too late because it seemed to go to the wrong place. It took that taxi over an hours to get here. and even after that I was waiting another 30-45 mins.

Excellent servic.... They' re usually quite good at getting the taxis out on schedule, the taxis are usually neat and the riders are good.


Many thanks for purchasing Harrison, AR best taxiservice. Finding a cab in Harrison, AR can be tricky. At Advance Taxis we pledge to provide a secure and dependable cab hire solution for Harrison, AR. At ADVANCE MAXI, we focus on delivering high levels of client experience and client care - we will do everything we can to fulfill your needs.

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