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Receive upcoming departure times for nearby lines without even tapping your screen. National Journey Planner provides timetable information from all licensed public transport operators throughout Ireland. passage Receive coming departures for nearest routes without even touching your computer monitor. Best option in best layouts, with real-time information for enhanced precision. GO thinks about your trip like a useful personality robotic so you don't have to.

Easily browse all your choices on one monitor. Simplification of shuttle services in more than 175 towns around the world.

Together with transportation companies and joint mobility service provider we work to get towns on the move.


Monitor your next coach or streetcar on a chart in near real-time and know exactly when it is approaching your stop. Type an adress or a point of orientation in the app's find box to schedule a trip with all available local transport - with changes and connection!

You have the choice between up to six ways to reach your goal, among them the quickest, the one without or the one with less walk. Pick a pick-up point on the card to see when the next coach or streetcar is coming to the nearest stop and take your pick - you will also see two more cars following the one nearest to the stop.

Show only select numbers - with information about all available mass transit numbers in the app, you can see only the numbers of numbers you want to use. Make sure your unit is online, as the app uses GPS information for tracing you. This app proposes to activate the Yandex lookup widget for the alert field.

If you have a query or suggestions, please send an e-mail to

Transit - Bus and subway times in the App Store

is your real-time sightseeing guide. Browse your city's mass transportation system with precise real-time forecasts, easy journey scheduling, step-by-step navigations, alerts about disruptions, and memories of departures and stops... all on a clear, fat-printed surface. Means of transport do not cooperate? Simply ask for a Uber, book a car2go or take the nearest bicycle release.

1 ) Look at the bus and tram arrives in the vicinity immediately after take-off. 3 ) Comparing your choices with high-performance A-to-B timetables using real-time information. 7 ) Check out timetables and routes - even when you're off! 8 ) Search for shared bicycle stops, see the number of bicycles available, buy badges and activate bicycles (in selected cities).

9 ) Verify the ETA (and the fluctuation) for the near Ubers and make two reservations. Frankly, these boys should be responsible for the proper transport themselves. "The company operates in more than 125 towns in North America and Europe (see USA listing below). Uses real-time forecasts and car positions for some or all itineraries.

For killing her old friend: interconnectors. When we redesigned our 5th 0, the connection routes were no longer visible on the stop lists at every stop. 1: In the Unified Route screen, you will see your favorite connection routes at each stop. 2: Touch one of these bus stations and we will open a new "Nearby" page showing you the bus and tram services near it.

However ( Steve Jobs vote ), that's not all... just in due course for 12 o'clock Siri Shortcuts. Living in Los Angeles, it shows all the exact routes and most of them have real-time forecasts. Personally, I enjoy the on/off function to minimize the amount of going, because sometimes I take my bicycle with me on my travels, and I can do parts of the journey on my bicycle.

But the only problem I would have with this app is that it has shown very few buses with real-time information lately. Most of the scores were just planned dates. Immediately I came to the immediate conclusions that this was not the app's blame, but I reviewed other applications like Citymapper and there were real-time forecasts for exactly the same one.

Also, half the times I click GO don't show the lucky face in the upper right hand side of the screen, which means I don't send real-time information back to the system. When I waited so long, I decided to get on a bicycle together, which was accidentally put down near by.

Corrected issue where all bus data that appeared in the timetable was displayed with the GPS location display, but none of the time was correct. Perhaps you could ask Valley Transit what their pointless signals are. I' ve been relying on this app for two years in the Phoenix subway area and consider it an integral part of my commuting and even the occasional use of local rail.

It seems, however, that it has been less precise lately, even on busses that are allegedly traced with GPS. I will continue to use it because I like the look and feel and the functionality very much, but I very much hope that the precision of the arrivals will improve soon. I' m sorry to know Transit has become less precise for you lately.

In general, the real-time arrives we show in the app come directly from Valley Metro, but if you ever find that the hours or coach location we show doesn't correspond to the agencies (or any other source) information, please take a few screen shots and mail them to us so we can take a close look!

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