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Flexibility with your travel days is the key to finding cheap flights. Future of these inexpensive privately owned jets with the seat flights Most of us will have the best opportunity to regularly fly privately, i.e. not have to await an invitation from the chief or a wealthy boyfriend, and the wealth of service that has been created to sell single places, either on single flights or via memberships?

If you own an airplane, or if you charter an individual jet, a solo jet or a seating position on a regular basis, or if you buy seats for personal journeys, whatever you want to call them, you are missing out on a few important advantages. There is a fixed timetable for travelling, such as business flights, and you are on a flight with unfamiliar passengers, such as business flights.

To people who can't afford $4,000 to $18,000 per class per minute to have the whole airplane for themselves and their buddies, these upgrades allow you to circumvent the main air base, and that's a big upside. As a rule it is necessary that you arrive only 15 min before your flight departs, also for flights to other countries.

Through the use of personal flight terminal or FBO, as they are known, you are less than 10 min from the arrivalside. For journeys where the flight takes 90 or less mins, you can halve the entire journey. According to the latest statistical data, more than 20% of all business flights are late in places such as New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Chicago.

They may know Surf Air and JetSmarter, and maybe JetSuiteX, Blade and Tradewind Aviation, but now you can be adding JetClass in Europe, plus ClipperJet and Air Chicago soon. All in all, these more democratically based possibilities to dedicate oneself to personal aviation do not necessarily have a successful chance. DayJet, BlackJet, Beacon, JumpJet, Bliss Jet and Pogo tried all variants of the JumpJet without much luck, the latter two did not even fly.

However, the appeal of spending up to $125 for a jet ride, or even a few thousand bucks a months to get as much as you want to go, carries the promise that there may be an affordably priced option to the generally horrific experiences of the old carriers, who obviously intend to build their aircraft as tightly as possible and longer and longer routes at secure points.

It was worth reporting last weekend in this single-seater sector of personal aviation. As Surf Air, which has operated a European flight with a sole operator in the last nine month, has informed its members that it will add ten new services around Milan and Zurich, which in several cases will connect towns that currently have no regular flights.

Offering a mix of all you can get in and out of Surf Air, as well as the sale of certain seats for less than $500, Surf Air provides a unique opportunity to exceed what British Airways or British Airways require for your next flight. Surf Air subscription costs just under $4,000 per month, which is less than an hour's charters and allows you to take as many flights as you want.

"It is our real belief that we have met the need for comfortable and accessible short-haul trips. In many cases, experiences in short distance business aviation have declined to the extent that travelling is a quicker and more dependable alternative. With JetSuiteX, however, we have contributed to providing an inexpensive premier event reminiscent of the happy aviation days," says Alex Wilcox, chief executive officer of his personal aviation department for the simple man.

JetSuite offers full charter and jet tickets that can be up to $400,000, while JetSuiteX offers flights in the West for just $129 from Southern California to the Bay Area and Las Vegas. Obviously you won't get the Donald Trump model of a Boeing 757 with bedroom and on-board desk, but it's still above what you'd get with a normal carrier.

Embraer 135s, once flown for American Airlines' local carrier, have been re-configured to occupy six passengers, giving the other 30 passengers about six inch more leg room. The JetSuiteX, which was launched with a singular airplane, now has five airplanes, which are to be extended to 50. Both JetSuiteX and JetClass allow travelers to easily browse their sites and make reservations the same way they would a booking a trip with a corporate carrier, review tariffs and timetables, enter your information and purchase.

While JetSuiteX fare between Burbank and Las Vegas is only $129, JetClass and Tradewind fare rates drop from $400 to $900, which is still in line with what conventional carriers require for first, second, or even last-minute bus trips.

Probably the best-known provider in the single-seater jet market is JetSmarter. It has declared itself a unicorn, a $1 billion worth investment corporation, and has collected funds from prominent international companies such as Sean Carter and a number of others. Earlier last weekend, the Ft Lauderdale-based firm declared that it was scraping its entry-level $15,000 a year member fee, which permitted members to travel free on its planned shuttle flights for as long as they were under three hour.

Now the new programme costs $4,950 per year plus an initiative surcharge of $3,000, but now you have to make payments for every trip, regardless of time. Sergey Petrossov, CEO, says that the company's prices will be in line with what airline companies calculate for First or Businessclass, and have not yet been published.

The company last year grew by purchasing a similar Netflix aircraft in Texas, named Rasee, which asked members to earn a month and then fly as much as they wanted. There are also some flights on a purchase base in supplement to the membership. While many of the new London-Brussels and Geneva-Milan services appear to be in close contact with JetClass, with timetables ranging from a few flights a week through to a one-day trip, the two can in fact supplement each other by increasing the number of flights used by the operators, which is seen as crucial in recruiting those travelling on corporate flights whose meeting is sometimes delayed, early, or last-minute.

Affiliations begin at $10,000 per month and offer four routes and the opportunity to book extra open spaces within 24 opening hours each. However, you can expect 90 to 120 minute airports for each trip, as opposed to about 20 to 30 minute airports with the same jet.

The next thing Air Chicago is expecting is to bring its seating principle to market, aimed at travellers from its eponymous town who are fed up with the fact that the three giants that run large turnstiles there are still not quite there. Ideally, we should start with charters of privately owned aircraft, but by autumn, like JetSuiteX, we will have converted our fleet of regionally owned aircraft into an executive aircraft layout, in this case only 14 places on Bombardier RJ200s.

According to the plans, flight plans will be created and postponed from Chicago Executive Airports in the northerly outskirts of the Chicago metropolitan area, allowing passengers to avoid airports' main terminal and ultimately have up to 30 flights. Meanwhile, Stephen Wasko, COO and Chairman, says he thinks the scheme can be replicated elsewhere, such as New York and Miami, by offering managers and shopkeepers a convenience out and back scheduling that allows them to make corporate trips a little more comfy and definitely quicker up and down the aiport.

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