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You can find lower priced flights through hidden City-Ticketing.

"The Hidden Citys ticketing" could help you safe a buck on your flights, but it could be a little bit dangerous. Book a ticket and get off at a stopover - in contrast to a ticket stop - and you' ll be able to make a lot of savings. However, carriers could penalise passengers using this approach, so it is important to know the right way.

"The Hidden Citys Ticketing" could be a decisive step for those who want to make big savings on their next flights if they know how to do it right. Keyes used the example of a Chicago traveller who wanted to go to New York to illustrate the notion. Said that Chicago residents might find flights to New York.

They could buy a special case on a New York stop but have Burlington, Vermont, as their ultimate fare location. As soon as the aircraft reaches New York, you just get off the aircraft before the departure to your booked destinations. However, there are reservations about hidden downtown ticketing, as it is regarded as a disputed practise.

" Keyes has some ideas to make sure you don't miss your flight: If you use this policy, do not tell your agent that you are doing so and do not inspect your baggage as it will arrive at its ultimate location. Ensure that your journey is not diverted to stop at another point halfway to your target.

Do not buy a return flight if you use this policy. If you do not get off the aircraft at the specified location, the carrier will void the remainder of your itinerary. Airfarewatchdog's George Hobika previously said that hidden tickets to cities have resulted in lost revenues and elevated no-shows for carriers.

Mr Keyses stressed some of the sanctions that airline companies could impose on travellers for applying this policy. Or, in theory, they could stop you from taking the next flight," he said. Airline companies have also tried to take legal action against ski-plagged because they allow travellers to practise disposable tickets. Though there may be fines for air travellers, Mr Keyses said that carriers are not active in searching for those who disembark before their booked destinations.

"It'?s 99 out of 100 not even valuable that the airlines try to find guys who do," says Keyes. Keyses explained in his e-book "How to Fly for Free" hidden tickets and other ways to get cheap flights: At Amazon, practical tips that airlines don't want to tell you".

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