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<font color="#c400c4">(newscaster) Your personal plane to Melbourne, Australia.

MOELBOURNE is the capitol of the state of Victoria and Australia's second biggest town, situated on the large pristine cove of Port Phillip on the south-west shore of the province. Australia's ECOC, the town is a significant center for arts, drama and entertainment, and there are innumerable sights and places of interest to discover during your journey, such as the National Gallery of Victoria.

The Melbourne Museum and the Royal Exhibition Building, a breathtaking UNESCO World Heritage site located in the Carlton Gardens, a haven of tranquility in the flourishing Central Business District. Melbourne not only has a wealth of architectural heritage and scenic tree-lined walkways, but is also a contemporary town and a lively business centre with massive sky scrapers and a lively dining and dining area.

And Melbourne is also home to an incredible amount of nature and there are many stunning sandy areas where you can experience Australia's beautiful sands. Phillip Island is known for its outstanding fauna and there are many outside park areas that are well worth a trip, such as Phillip Island Nature Reserve, just a stone's throw away from the center.

Get out of town and explore the winelands of neighbouring winelands for a great adventure and a great chance to taste some of Australia's best Australian winemaking products. There is a complete listing of empty flights to and from Melbourne that we update every day. Looking for a one-way trip and some flexible departures, you can reduce the cost of your trip by up to 75%.

Unfortunately, there are currently no empty feet available that meet your needs. Feel free to consult one of our private aviation consultants for alternate solution or to divert empty leg travelling in the same directions.

With EmptyLeg you can get a flight charters at a fraction off the usual costs! Such flights are referred to as "empty legs" because they have no passenger on them. We' ll be listing the empty feet here with a recommended basic rate. Just e-mail us and let us know how you would like to organise your Empty Leg Air charters.

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