Flights in Alaska

Alaska flights

The flights offer a truly authentic wilderness experience and give visitors an insight into life in rural Alaska. Travelling by plane through Alaska An Alaska is the biggest state in the USA, and often planes are the most effective way to fly between municipalities. Jets are available from many of Alaska' s major towns such as Anchorage, Fairbanks, Juneau, Ketchikan, Wrangell, Petersburg, Sitka, Glacier Bay/Gustavus, Yakutat, Cordova, Kodiak, Dutch Harbor, Adak, King Salmon, Dillingham, Bethel, Nome, Kotzebue, Barrow and Prudhoe Bay.

Minor local carrier serves several hundred other territories. Aeroplanes are not only the favourite way to go for many isolated cities, but also the only way! It is the best means of transport to reach many indigenous Alaskan village, especially in the northern and south-western areas and in some seaside municipalities.

"Bush planes" are small aircraft that serve several hundred isolated municipalities. The flights provide a truly genuine wildlife adventure and give the visitor an insight into living in Alaska. Whilst some places can be reached over several days, many isolated municipalities do not have hotel or other tourist infrastructures and are best reached on a full days excursion.

A number of travel agencies provide air travel and charters with brief stopovers in the towns of Alaska North. Others involve the possibility of taking a "post run", a trip that takes post and parcels from experienced Bush drivers to distant places. Air walks are one of the most favourite daily excursions in Alaska and can be taken by small aircraft or chopper throughout the country.


Mike Rogers was given three month's time to get to life in July 2014. Rogers and Mrs. Betty were unwilling to agree to the forecast. Anchorage, Alaska, pair began researching and found a heart surgeon  and specialist for the treatment of measothelioma who seemed to be the response to their prayers. Here is a list of the people who have been treated for this disease. And the only problem: he was in Los Angeles; the Rogers lived a thousand leagues away from here.

Mike was too ill to go alone. All flights for patient in Alaska are operated by Alaska Airlines, which has donated more than $12 million to the organisation since 1986. Through our Alaska Airlines relationship, AFW traveled Mike to California for a consultative meeting where Mike learned of an operation that could prolong his lifetime beyond the six-month forecast he initially got in Anchorage.

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