Alaska Airlines Flight 10

Flight 10 Alaska Airlines

Choose the departure date and enter either the flight number or the departure and arrival points. The flight was also scheduled for yesterday (01.10.2008). The plane takes off from Seattle airport without permission, then it crashes, says Alaska Airlines.

The plane takes off from Seattle airport without permission, then it crashes, says Alaska Airlines. Shortly before 10 p.m., the plane landed safely on Oahu.

An Alaska Airlines flight to Honolulu arrives safe after reports of jet engines problems.

A spokesman for Alaska Airlines says that 157 persons were aboard flight 145 when an offshore fuel tank drip pan was left on in the dash. The spokesman said that planes had reduced the speed of an engines and had explained an accident as a preventive measure, as the flight approached the isles. From Seattle the airplane took off towards Honolulu around 18:51. Shortly before 22:00 the airplane arrived at Oahu.

When the flight arrived, air traffic controllers and state firemen were ready on call. Officers say there have been no reported violations. It was possible for the plane to roll to a gate without any incidents, and the passenger took off normally. A mechanic will be inspecting the plane over night.

Ten Grounds to Flight Alaska Airlines

Natalie, Baby Jack and I went to Seattle with Alaska Airlines last weekend (full disclosure: they gave us two First-Class Tickets). The LAX-SEA flight took off at 8am and it was the first flight with hand luggage since Jack's arrival. And it was also the first flight I've done on Alaska Airlines in over a year and it reminds me how much I like them.

Below are 10 reason why I think they are one of, if not even the best US carrier. One of the last US airlines, Alaska Airlines offers travellers one kilometer for every kilometer they fly, no matter how much they pay for their tickets. Alaska Airlines' fidelity programme includes more than 15 airlines worldwide serving 900 worldwide destinations !

It' no accident that the Alaska Airlines miles plan was rated number 1 in the Best Airlines Awards Programs by U.S. News. Contrary to what I have seen at American Airlines, the US air company I most often use, Alaska's staff are palpably kind. As a result of the recent takeover of Virgin America by Alaska, they now serve more than 100 targets.

While Alaska may have paid too much ($4 billion), they are now becoming an important actor, especially on the western seaboard. It is my wish that they maintain the on-board catering system, especially if they can order meals and drinks from their seats at any moment, but I am not stopping my breath. What I would like to say is that I do not want to see any changes in the way in which the passenger is treated. Nobody loves delay and Alaska Airlines continues to prove itself as the punctual market leaders in North America.

Though I seldom open my pockets, I was thrilled and amazed to hear the flight stewardess make an official statement on my flight that Alaska Airlines has a 20-minute luggage warranty that she has had since 2010. Failure to collect your luggage at the airport within 20 mins of your aircraft's departure will result in a $25 rebate on your next Alaska Airlines flight or 2,500 Alaska Airlines Mileage Plans award points.

And I like it when airlines put their cash where their mouths are. Alaska Airlines is not only fast at returning check-in luggage, but they are also extremely fast at check-in luggage at the gates and at prams. This was also the first occasion that we didn't have to sit on the passenger boarding bridge for Jack's pram, as he was awaiting us together with the other travellers' prams when we went out, and we were only three lines back each other.

Alaska Airlines Board Room (club room for regular flyers and certain members of your corporate card) can use its automatic creamer during your morning break. My favourite pastime at an aerodrome is exploring airplanes, so I like the fact that Alaska Airlines has a good percent of airplanes with funny design.

During our flight to Seattle we were in their Spirit of Disneyland II aircraft, although I was a little bit frustrated that the interior didn't bear this notion. So when we arrived in Seattle, I saw their salmon airplane and some of their local planes, decorated and labeled after West school. I began to write a month-long article entitled "Savvy Traveler" for Alaska Airlines' in-flight Alaska Beyond in January.

One has to adore an air carrier that has me in its in-flight magazines. Though I really like Alaska Airlines, I'm not willing to make the change from the Americans because they don't go to the places where I go the most (LAX-JFK, LAX-YYZ, LAX-LHR, LAX-HNL...). Disclaimer: The Disclaimer on this site is not provided by a banking, ticketing, airline company or hospitality company and has not been verified, authorized or otherwise supported by any of these companies.

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