30 Person Private Jet

Private jet for 30 people

Time and again, private air charter customers are impressed by the dynamic flexibility of the Dornier 328JET model for groups of up to 30 people. For the latest market analysis, see our Private Jets Price Guide, Comparative Analysis and Articles sections. Displaying 1 - 30 aircraft from 607. There are jets available for 30 and more passengers. Round-the-clock private jets with 30 seats can be chartered internationally at favourable prices.

328JET Dornier - 30-person private aircraft Air charter

Fairchild's award-winning Dornier 328JET provides the best price/performance ratio in the Corporate Shuttle/Heavy Jet category. Power, portability, safety, convenience and value are just a few of the many features that make the DS328J such a great plane. Time and again, Private Airport Charters are amazed by the flexible and dynamical nature of the models for groups of up to 30 people.

This is a favorite airplane option for company airliners, college sport groups, tourist groups, relief groups, road shows, and oil and natural resource corporations. In 1997 the first Dornier 328JET was introduced near Munich and made its maiden voyage there in January 1998. This was followed by certifications and first deliveries in 1999, with a further 122 jet engines being produced and supplied since then.

Charter groups (1-50) - Private jet charter

Dependent on the needs and sizes of the group, we have direct contact with many different kinds of airliners that meet your group charters needs. Or you could travel with an incentives group for a company outing, a skirt group for a road ride, or maybe a sporting group that plays a big match. The journey can be enriched with tailor-made airplane cateringĀ and branding.

Her group also has direct contact with many of the private terminal's around the world. Fairchild-Dornier 328JET is a scheduled jet aeroplane powered by a jet or turbo prop. The plane offers comfortable space for 30 persons. There is comfortable space for 30 persons. Saab 340 is a twin-engined turbo-prop airplane developed and originally manufactured in a joint venture between Saab AB and Fairchild.

Saab 340 could accommodate between 30 and 36 occupants, with 34 seating units being the most frequent of these. British Aerospace's Jetstream 41 is a turbo prop driven feedership and jet plane developed by British Aerospace as a "stretched" variant of the beloved Jetstream 31. It is a very economical alternative that is good in any circumstance.

The aircrafts offer space for 50 - 100 people. Embraer E-Jets are a line of slim, twin-engine, medium-term jet aeroplanes manufactured by Embraer, a Brazilian aviation and space company that manufactures civil, defense, and business aeroplanes. You can accommodate 37 - 118 people, according to the needs of your group. With a typical capacity of 150 seats in a two-class configuration - or up to 180 in a high-density configuration for low-cost and charters - the Airbus A320 is widely used worldwide on everything from short-haul European, Asian and other destinations to transcontinental US crossings.

A321 is a great plane for any type of charters. As the big sister of the Airbus A 320, it provides more space for larger group trips. 200/500/600 Boeings are normally used by low-cost airlines and are basically the workhorse of any carrier. This 700 has the longest reach of any Boeing.

Really the 400/800/900 serious is the same plane, they are only newer versions. Most of the big airlines have these planes because they are dependable and secure. Boeing 757-200 was conceived as a replacement for Boeing 727. 757 is a narrowbody-airplane. These aircrafts offer a greater cruising distance than any other aircrafts in their area.

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