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The Volkswagen hover car would function via an electromagnetic suspension. Practical effort for the construction of hover cars">edit] Suspended car is a private car that travels at a steady height of up to a few metres above the floor and is used for private transport, just as a contemporary car is used. She usually performs in sci-fi works. Usually, in sci-fi, it is able to move away from the floor by means of repelling technologies, presumably using a short-range antigravity mechanism to remove most of the frictional force acting against traditional cars.

Others show cars floating through magnet disks mounted along streets and working on a similar basis to the Maglev. Its ability to float above the floor makes tyres superfluous and, unlike an air-cushioned car, it does not generate a puff of particulate matter. Next actual equipment is the cushioned aircraft, which rises with a bubble of compressed breeze held by a soft rock over a soft or even solid body, the hobertrain, a kind of high-speed hoist that substitutes traditional heavy duty wheel with a cushioned pad, and the traditional rail base with a surfaced road-like body known as a "rail" or "roadway".

Popular Science in August 1961 featured the Aeromobile 35B, an air-cushion aircraft (ACV) created by William Bertelsen to revolutionize the transport system with personally suspended self-propelled vehicles capable of speeds of up to 1,500 mph ( 2,400 km/h).

The FACT-CHECK floating car from Volkswagen

Watch a film showing a hovering car designed by VW in China. VW manufactures its Levitating Car in Chengdu, China. Car maker Volkswagens in May 2011 heralded the launch of a "People's Car Project" in China, inviting Chinese web surfers to send in on-line suggestions for a "Volkswagen Tomorrow's Model":

In China, Volkswagens is taking a completely new path in dialog with customers. As of today, the People''s Car Project (PCP) provides China's car enthusiasts with a forum where they can publish their vision of the car of the world. "With the People's Car project, Volkswagens has made it its goal to establish the most groundbreaking dialog forum of all time.

In China, the launch pad is making its debut because this is Volkswagen's biggest and most important one. But we also see scope for starting the initiative in other markets," said Luca de Meo, Head of Marketing for the Volkswagen Group and the Volkswagen Passenger Cars marque. More than 450 million Chinese citizens have broadband connections to the web.

They are particularly interested in interacting with the work. It is a reflection of this need. "According to de Meo, we are hoping to include individuals via the web and get them excited about Volkswagen. Web surfers who access the PCP site can set off to jointly develop their Volkswagen vision and post suggestions that are then debated and further refined by other surfers.

"PCP enables us to listen very closely to our clients and build automobiles not only for them, but also with people," says de Meo, and adds that it gives Volkswagen a useful understanding of the needs, desires and requirements of our China clients. One year later, Volkswagen announces that it has chosen three contributions from the more than 119,000 submissions to be further developed as presentation strategies for Auto China 2012: a music car, a hover car and a smart key:

The People' Car Project (PCP), which was started eleven month ago in China, has far surpassed all expectation with 33 million website viewers and more than 119,000 submissions. At Auto China 2012, three of the vehicles and technological designs that have been further refined by Volkswagen and that have been specially designed by Volkswagen and designed by members of an on-line portal can currently be seen:

Those are the Hover Car, the Music Car and the SmartKey. Designed within the framework of the PCP and currently on display in Beijing, the "Smart Key" also picks up on the current trends towards greater incorporation of on-line technology in cars. The sleek nine-millimetre wrench has a high-resolution touch screen that keeps the operator up to date on the vehicle's current fuels, air conditioning and safety via the 3G grid.

At the moment, the floating car shown in the above videoclip is only a conceptual representation of a car presented at a motor show in China; a working car as shown in the above is not.

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