Jet Air International Flights

International Jet Air Flights

Everything you need to know about the Jet Airways products and security on the ground. What is contained in the fare, you can find out what it looks like compared to other airline companies. I' ve already forgotten my baggage and I can't get a full refund or anything. My wife and I were on our way from Kuwait to Mumbai and I received my baggage. Then I went to the JetAirways Counter and a woman named Preeti said that your baggage couldn't be flown because of the excess baggage in the plane and you'll get it by your kick, so I completed the blank and went to my seat in Rajasthan but the baggage slot came so I phoned the Jet Aways Mumbai Bureau and they said they'd answer us but they swallowed.

I then came to Mumbai and asked for the baggage, so they said we should go outside and take the complaint form and go inside, but they returned with the form and the baggage.

I went to the airfield complaints department and they explained why we had given the voucher to the unidentified individual and Schuld us for the loss of our baggage. Then I showed them the copy of the receipts, they explained to us why we had to leave the plane without our baggage.

Thus we would lose our baggage and our chance to return from Rajasthan to Mumbai. I' ve had a horrible international air travel with Jet Airways. Because of the late arrival from Mumbai I had to miss my connection from Paris to Geneva that was planned in the mornings. There was no one at Paris International Airports from the Jet Airways crew to talk to.

My Air France did not take any responsibilities for my missing flights and I don't anticipate that. Next plane to Geneva was in the afternoon. So, in fact, I spend a whole afternoon at the Paris airports and missing out on my visit to Geneva. Jet Airways crew was impolite and scarce.

As we asked the Manpreet for fresh air, she passed us directly and didn't come back. This is a strong counterpoint to the Air France cabin crew. I made sure we had a pleasant trip from Paris to Mumbai. Absolutely not perfect for international travel. I' m very discouraged by Jet Airways and its services.

I and my girlfriend were on their way from the Seychelles to Hyderabad and had a transfer from Mumbai International Airports, we have to take a Jet Airlines plane from Mumbai. On the transport for 2 persons we had only 2 kg more, since we did not carry enough in the carry-on baggage, we asked them to adapt the surcharge immediately, but they did not consent and asked us to compensate for it.

Since I am a regular passenger in Germany, I have never had a single baggage allowance issue (1 or 2 kg) with any other airline that they have always assisted and adapted the same in cabin baggage, which can be evidence of. It was my first visit and Jet Airways'.

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