Gatidhara Taxi

Gathidhara Taxi

This is how to reserve a Gatidhara cabin in Calcutta The Gatidhara is neither a taxi company nor a taxi aggregate. It is a programme of funding assistance launched by the Government of West Bengal in 2014 to create self-employment in the urban and countryside areas of the state by promoting transportation services. Family members with a Rupee 25,000 or less per month are entitled to receive funding under the programme.

Transportation will interview job seekers and draw up a shortlist of suitable people. While the Ministry of Labour would make the funding available, the programme will be carried out by the Ministry of Public Works. Many taxis in the town have been purchased as part of the Gatidhara programme and therefore carry signs on their front door that mention the same thing.

However, the automobiles can be part of any taxi aggregate in the town. It is a programme of the West Bengal authorities which allows anyone to buy their own utility vehicles. However, it is not an optional extra if the taxi is from the Gatidhara system or something else.... The Gatidhara is an action of the Traffic Department.

Although I don't have a clear vision of how to make a booking, I think it will be handled by the transport department itself. The Gatidhara is not an on-line cabin rental company, it is a Western Bay Island development on which wb is providing some funds for the unemployed to buy a taxi.

Hi Shunamrajit SenGatidhaara is not an application. Gati Dhara Program is the largest government in West Bengal (Ministry of Labour and Employment) project for young jobless people in the state. Principal aim of the regulation is to support financially the purchase of vans such as taxis, buses, vans, car rickshaws, etc.

Gatidhara was presented in the February budgets by the Minister of Finance. Those whose incomes per month are Rupees 25 000 or less would be entitled to receive funding under the programme. Transportation will conduct an interview with job seekers and make a shortlist of suitable job seekers. It would be the employment office that would make the funds available, but the programme would be carried out by the transportation team.

By promoting the provision of services in the urban and countryside areas of the State, the aim of the aid is to create autonomy. There'?s no taxi company in Calcutta named Gatidhara. When someone is interested in booking only one Gatidhara cabin, they must await one at the regular taxi ranks.

The Gatidhara is only a government-sponsored financing program for young people who are out of work to buy cars for work.

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