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Everything you need to know about Tango Taxi Dancers. ¡Pide un taxi en sólo un toque! Let's introduce: Tango Taxi, the first mobile platform for contact between passengers and ENABLED taxis!

Dancer Tango Taxi - An excellent guide for a fabulous tango experience in Buenos Aires - Review by Tango Taxi Dancers, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Safe et recommandé pour les femmes voyageant seules (et toutes les autres). Accompaniedo Eduardo (3 ans d'expérience dans le tango) m'a accompagné à une grande soirée de milonga au "Club Gricel" à Buenos Aires. For 3 hours he danced with me in perfect form, with a lot of fun and energy and told me something about the tango etiquette on the spot.

It was a very nice, exuberant evening, also with a nice, lively conversation (in English). which was very tall for a Argentinian (approx. 1.82 m), which was very important for me (1.80 m). Before that I had the most unusual tango lesson of my life with Eduardo. He taught me the art of following and playful movement in tango.

Everybody can show steps, Argentinian Tango feeling can be demonstrated by Eduardo ! The agency is easily accessible via Anna (également en allemand). The appointment arrangement was very flexible, even when I became ill at very short notice on vacation. and very reliable. Eduardo était toujours à l'heure et très fiable. Anna m'a même accompagné sur place, de sorte que je suis bien arrivé aux cours.

Thank you, Anna and Eduardo!

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Taxi Tango Dancer? Unfortunately, the other issue is that most older performers don't talk enough English to keep a guest entertained alone for a whole night - and explain the code, the score, the lyrics, etc. They are great in groups and our Spanish language customers just love them, but we can't just get them out on their own to act as hosts for an English only customer.

Trying to be age-appropriate, we have young and old dance students aged 25-65. A few folks have no desire at all to dance with someone much older or younger than themselves - as long as they have a good time and dance well. Employees are selected according to both their individual abilities and their dance, and they receive appropriate coaching and guidance.

We then try to speak to the client afterwards to get his/her own personal response, and ask the dancer about the situation that has occurred with the client... all of whom go back to school. All of them know exactly how much we calculate and they appreciate that they are educated and supported in their work, they don't have to stir a stick or give a pentavo for advertising, promotion, etc. all year round, low and high seasons, upcoming influenza, upcoming financial crisis, etc. etc.

Most of what we spend on our tango communities is invested in us, and we have a profit-sharing model that just waits for the lucky days when we have enough money to divide it with the people.

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