How can I get a Taxi Licence

Where can I get a taxi license?

Applying as a taxi driver and/or private driver. Taxiing in Singapore | Industrial Affairs for Taxi Drivers | Taxis and Private Hire Cars | Public Transportation Let me take a cab. If you are at least 30 years old, you must be a citizen of Singapore with a NRIC rose color, you must be able to communicate and study simple English. Send the TDVL* on-line request via LicenceOne. Make sure you have the following document before use: the following document is a copy of the document you are using:

There is a $40 non-refundable claim charge to be paid by Paypal/Credit/Debit Cards. For applicants requesting a multi-user license, please either by downloading the request document or by obtaining a copy from: Send the filled out document and the corresponding documentation to the LTA Vehicle Transit Licensing (VTL) Office at 10 Sin Ming Drive, Singapore 575701.

Once your professional education has been approved, you must have a full doctor's examination and a mastectomy. Then you will have to take a course at the Singapore Taxi Academy or ComfortDelgro Taxi. YOU' YELLOW-TOP TAXI DRIVERS? Replacing your taxi can be done by downloading the replacement form Yellow-Top-Taxi and sending it to the Vehicle Transport Licensing Bureau (VTL) upon completing.

Copy of the application are also available at the VTL-Büro. When you want to substitute your Yellow-Top-Taxi, you can get the substitute here.

Taxicab endorsement | DPS - Driver's license

With effect from 5.9.2017 HB391S01 abolishes the request that a taxis holder has a confirmation on the driver's licence of the holder to take a taxi in the state. As soon as you have finished the trial, the tax document will be shown on your driver's licence. Make an arrangement for your date of arrival or go to a driving licence bureau.

In case you are planning to go on foot, you can fill in the form at the reception or fill it in early. It is necessary that all privately owned carriers receive a taxi document if they use a category 1 car to carry hired persons. Any driver who operates a car on company account in order to carry staff must be given a taxi cabin notation.

Refer to the above requirement for a taxi fee. Once all prerequisites for a licence have been successfully fulfilled, you will get a provisional licence on the same date. We will send you the finished licence in 6-8 week by mail.

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