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Because we own our fleet and guarantee quality, there is no better airline. Defeat your fear of flying. You a nervous flyer? Let us help you fly safely! Unforgettable is this breathtaking jet flight over Tampa Bay.

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Some of our featured travel locations providing privately owned jet-chartered services worldwide are London, Paris, New York City, Miami, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Aspen, Rome, Zurich, Dubai, Moscow, Nice and Riyadh. As a specialist for one-way flight, we provide privately chartered jets and privately chartered aircraft to almost any location in the entire universe.

Albatross L-39 Jet Cruises in Tampa, Florida

L-39, great sunshine and lots of action - that's what awaits you in Tampa, Florida. Prepare for a Floridaighter Jet Instruction Flight in the L-39 Albatros directly over the Golf of Mexico. The L-39 jet is also used by Russians to train astronauts and fighters.

Pupils are given the chance to enjoy this thrilling and reactive jet under the guidance of flying teachers. Participation in a combat aeroplane trainer does not require flying skills. High-g maneuvers and fundamental aerobatics are part of this top-gun fight. For your own security, this airplane is fully fitted with ejector sits.

What is in an L-39 plane in Florida / Gulf of Mexico? Prices also include: How much does it take to get the L-39 in Tampa Bay? Fares depend on the length of the flight: One 30-minute ticket is $2,399.00, one 45-minute assignment is $2,999.00 and one one-hour ticket is $3,499.00.

Different times are also possible, please do not hesitate to ask for a quotation. Aero L-39 "Albatros" was developed by Aero Vodochody in former Czechoslovakia (CSSR) to satisfy the needs of the Soviet Air Force for a light, cost-effective and agile trainer. Due to its large and clear visibility and ease of use, it is the perfect jetfighter.

Find out more about the L-39 Albatros Jet or make your booking using the booking request below. Where can I get a plane? You want to go flying or give away a jet ride and ask yourself what to do next? Accessibility is very good, so we won't have any trouble locating a flying date for you - not even at the last minute.

Either you can reserve a plane for yourself or buy a present coupon. You have the freedom to modify the date of your trip, and you can even modify the destination for free. Florida, California (and even Texas and Toronto/Canada) are at our disposal - all under the same terms and with the same amazing itinerary.

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